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Aim for the sky and try not to miss
Helicopter Models Helicopter Models
Helicopter models are those models designed such that all or part of the model is recovered by deploying or activating some type of blade or fin surface causing it to auto-gyrate (spin), reducing its speed during decent.  This category consists of Sport Helicopter (general fun models that may or may not be suitable for competition) and Helicopter (kits that satisfy all of the needs of NAR sanctioned competition for helicopter recover).

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Rose-A-Roc Model #: HC001

Length: 20.54"
Diameter: 0.736"

Winning 18mm helicopter duration design!
Originated by Art Rose!
Simplified laser cut rotor hub!
One of the best HD models in the industry!
NAR Record setter - C-division D-HD!

Competition Helicopter Duration Recovery ISD Competition Model Skill Level 3 - Advanced Competition Model Helicopter Model

Recommended Engines: 1/2A6-2 A8-3 b4-2 B6-4 C6-5


$ 21.95

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