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Aim for the sky and try not to miss
Glider Models Glider Models
Glider models are those models designed such that all or part of the model is recovered by gliding back to earth after launch.  This category consists of:
  • Rocket Gliders (the entire model returns via glide recover)
  • Boost Gliders (A two part model where a small pop-pod (containing the motor and small recovery device) detaches from the glider portion of the model and returns via streamer or parachute while the glider glides back to earth)
  • Parasite Gliders (a model similar to a Boost Glider, but with a "mother ship" instead of a pop-pod and a glider that is much smaller than the mother ship.  The mother ship typically returns via parachute.  These models sometimes carry more than one glider.)
  • Flex Wing Gliders (gliders designed to function similar to a para-glider.  Small and lightweight, these models fold up and slide inside the body tube of the main rocket and is ejected at apogee.  The main rocket returns via its own recovery device).

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