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Aim for the sky and try not to miss
Competition Models Competition Models
Competition models are those models specifically designed for use in NAR sanctioned competition.  While any model, carefully constructed, can be entered into competition, these kits contain special competition materials and design elements that make them most suited for competing and winning.

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The Cougar 440 is now out of production

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Don't forget about our Micro to the MAXX competition kits 

Nanite 1/8A Rocket Glider (Current NAR record holder!)

Tiddlywink 1/8A Helicopter Duration (current NAR record holder!)
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Saturn 1B kit

Saturn 1B
Model #: SC002

Length: 9.316"
Diameter: 0.976"

  • Contest winning peanut scale!!
  • Silk Screened Waterslide Decals!
  • Can be configured to fly with SCALE fins!!
  • Staggering amount of detail provided!

Parachute Recovery   Skill Level 4 - Expert Scale Model
Recommended Engines:   1/2A3-4T A3-4T A10-3T  

$ 27.95

Out of Stock

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Rose-A-Roc Model #: HC001

Length: 20.54"
Diameter: 0.736"

Winning 18mm helicopter duration design!
Originated by Art Rose!
Simplified laser cut rotor hub!
One of the best HD models in the industry!
NAR Record setter - C-division D-HD!

Competition Helicopter Duration Recovery ISD Competition Model Skill Level 3 - Advanced Competition Model Helicopter Model

Recommended Engines: 1/2A6-2 A8-3 b4-2 B6-4 C6-5


$ 21.95

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Cougar 660
Cougar 660 Model #: CP001

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews
Click for EMRR review

Length: 12.0"
Diameter: 0.736"

Proven winner in regional and national competition!
Winning 13mm champion!
6" X 60" giant competition streamer!
Two streamers provided (Sport and Competition)!
Three different fin configurations!
Can even be used (and win) in Parachute competition!

Competition Streamer Recovery ISD Competition Model Skill Level 3 - Advanced Competition Model

Recommended Engines: 1/4A3-3T 1/2 A3-4T A10-3T

$ 12.95

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