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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!

Micro to the MAXX Starter Set DISCONTINUED

white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) For those of you just getting started, or thinking about the exciting world of Micro to the MAXX rocketry, we now have the best way to get you started!

The best things come in
micro packages! 

You can click on the image at the left for a larger image of the cover of the Beginner Starter set box and read details of this exciting offering below!

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Our Micro Starter Set features the ever popular doo-Hickey kit and its revolutionary Jig-TechTM fin unit!  Praised as one of the easiest to build beginner model rocket kits on the market, the doo-Hickey has been used by groups across the country to introduce youngsters to the excitement of micro model rocketry!

Your MIcro Starter Set includes the following:

  • doo-Hickey model rocket kit, with instructions and flight preparation sheet
  • Launch pad, with 8" long micro launch rod*
  • Launch controller (9 volt battery NOT included)*
  • Bag of recovery wadding
  • Catalog and literature

All neatly packaged in a small, reusable range box, with a handle!

* Launch pad and controller from Quest Aerospace.

NOTE: As with the Standard Starter set, we will be repackaging
the micro set, omitting the carrying box in the very near future.

Click on a photo below for a full size image of this product.

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Micro (left) and Beginner sets

Micro (left) and Beginner sets

Micro  set

At $29.95 (retail value over $40), this is the best and lowest cost way to get started in this hobby, with the finest model rocketry kit in the industry!

RETAILERS: Contact FlisKits to find out more about this exciting new product and what you can do to get them into your shop!

NOTE: Due to the nature of the Starter Sets we could exhaust stock quickly from time to time.  If that happens, it could take as long as 3 weeks to get your shipment out to you.  If this happens, you will be contacted with an estimated shipping date for  your entire order.  The FlisKits OverDue promotion does not apply to orders including starter sets.


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