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Engine Mount Kits: EMK4-18-70 - $6.75

FlisKits is proud to introduce a full line of cluster motor mount kits for the model rocket cluster fanatics (just like us!).

The EMK4-18-70 Engine Mount Kit allows you to design or convert most any BT70 based model rocket for quad 18mm cluster flights!   All FlisKits engine mount kits come with highly detailed instructions and laser accurate, sturdy fiber centering rings to allow for easy construction, super strong mounts and long life.

The EMK4-18-70 was specifically requested by TARC teams as a perfect solution to the 2007 and other TARC challenges.  It afords a good deal of versatility in motor selection and can help make your next design a contest winner!

IMPORTANT: Anytime you are designing a cluster model or converting a model from single motor to cluster motor use you need to verify the stability of your model before flight.  Adding more motors to the model increases the weight in the rear of the model moving the Center of Gravity (CG) further back and may cause instability in your model.  If you are converting a known stable model, the easiest method to assure stability is to fully load the unmodified model for flight (motor installed, recovery device, etc) and balance this model on your finger.  This balance point is the CG of your model and you should mark this.   Then install the cluster engine mount and prep your model for flight again.   You will note that the CG has moved towards the back of the model.  Add nose weight to the nose cone until you have moved the CG back to its original point.  If you are designing your own model you should make yourself aware of model rocket stability and the relationships between the Center of Gravity and the Center of Pressure and how to measure both.

Instructions for our engine mounts provide two methods of construction, "Recessed" or "Tulanko TailTM"

The Recessed method (shown above) is the more conventional method of engine mount construction, with the lower centering ring recessed up the engine tube.  This allows for easy engine installation and removal but also subjects the bottom of your model rocket body tube and motor tube to damage during landing and storage.

The Tulanko-TailTM is a unique method of engine mount assembly that has the lower centering ring installed flush with the bottom of the engine tube and the completed assembly installed in your model rocket such that this centering ring is flush with the bottom of the model rocket body tube.  The feature of such construction is that it makes the bottom (tail) of your model rocket very strong and resistant to damage upon landing and during storage.

The EMK4-18-70 motor mount kit comes complete with:
QTY Description
4 BT-20-0275 - 18mm Engine Tubes
4 EB-20-0025 Engine Blocks
2 CRF-418-70 Centering Rings
4 EH-0275 Engine Hooks

The following images give you a good view of the product and packaging.  If you have any questions about this or any other FlisKits product or accessory, please contact us a sales@fliskits.com
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This assembled kit shows the basic construction




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