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Engine Mount Kits: EMK3-13-55C
Mini-Tres EMK

The 13mm Mini-Tres Engine Mount Kit!
Our customers have asked for it and we deliver!  The actual request was for the "Tres engine mount" and, like we did for the Deuce's Wild engine mount, we did it one (well TWO) better!  

This first of 3 Tres engine mounts is based on the 13mm motors and constitutes a Mini-Tres engine mount.  This mount is designed to be installed in a BT-55 body tube and is perfect for constructing that miniature Tres or any other design of yours that will benefit from the ultra cool look of a three canted motor cluster!

The triple canted motors will produce the most exciting inverted pyramid smoke trail, unlike anything you've ever seen before!  First deployed in the Tres model rocket kit (18mm), this cluster style has wowed the rocketry community for years!  Now you can add it to your favorite designs!  NOTE: Be sure to verify the stability of your design, taking into account the added weight of this engine mount and the three motors that will be used.

Don't accept inferior substitutes!
Get the ORIGINAL Tres engine mount kit from FlisKits!

Featuring new custom parts to form the pyramid that support the motor tubes making this version of the Tres engine mount a snap to build and install!  Check it out below!

The EMK3-13-55C motor mount kit comes complete with:
QTY Description
3 BT-5-0175 - 13mm Engine Tubes
3 EB-5-0025 Engine Blocks
1 CRF-1323-55C Custom Centering Ring Set
1 Instruction sheet (Containing a Fin Marking Guide to modify your body tube to accept the canted motor mount.

The following images give you a good view of the product (click thumbnail for a larger view).  If you have any questions about this or any other FlisKits product or accessory, please contact us a sales@fliskits.com
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13mm Tres engine mount

24mm, 18mm & 13mm Tres engine mounts
Also shown, custom laser cut sheet and a quarter for scale

Figure showing assembly process with new laser cut parts




rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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