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Engine Mount Kits: EMK2-CL002

The Deuce's Wild! Engine Mount Kit!
More than any other product or accessory, FlisKits customers have asked us to produce a kit form of the engine mount kit that powers the famous Deuce's Wild! kit that has swept the nation.  Well, here it is!

While not a complicated design, it adds a level of complexity and uniqueness to your design that can not be found with any other engine mount.

The dual canted motors will produce the most interesting inverted "V" smoke trail, the likes of which have never been seen in cluster models before.  FlisKits brought this feature to the public in the form of the Deuce's Wild! kit and now presents you with the heart of this model so that you can explore your own unique and creative designs

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PLEASE NOTE: This engine mount kit is being released early, to satisfy the needs of the Deuce Bash contest, and the instruction sheets have not been printed at this time.  Therefore, all EMK2-CL002 kits will be provided with instructions printed from an ink jet printer until such time as we receive the official instruction sheets.  The moment we get instructions from the printer, we will remove this notice.

The EMK2-CL002 motor mount kit comes complete with:
QTY Description
2 BT-20-0275 - 18mm Engine Tubes
2 EB-20-0025 Engine Blocks
2 CRF-CL002 Custom Centering Rings

The following images give you a good view of the product and packaging.  If you have any questions about this or any other FlisKits product or accessory, please contact us a sales@fliskits.com
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Front of package Package back.
Note instructions and custom centering rings.

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Component layout

Assembled Engine Mount




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