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Engine Mount Kits: EMK-18-50D
Ion Slipstream EMK

The famous Decim8 engine mount kit!
The Decim8 kits has been a big hit and a big part of that popularity is the unique configuration of the engine mount used in that kit.  Originally design for a model called the Ionic featuring the "Ion Slipstream Engine", the final design changed considerably, was married to the story surounding the Alien8 kit and was renamed the Decim8 as a result.

The Ion Slipstream Engine is one of the most unique engine mounts ever offered in a model rocket kit and it is now available separately for use in scratch building your own exciting designs!

Never before has such an engine mount been offered as a loose piece kit for scratch builders!  It is our hope that this type of offering will help fire the imaginations in rocketeers the world over and result in some of the most exciting designs imaginable.

Don't accept inferior substitutes!
Get the ORIGINAL Ion Slipstream engine mount kit from FlisKits!

Featuring custom laser cut parts to form the coolest engine mount EVER!
Check it out below!

NOTE: This engine mount is designed to be assembled ON TO a BT-50 body tube.  This BT-50 tube is NOT supplied with this kit and must be provided by the builder.

The EMK-18-50D engine mount kit comes complete with:
QTY Description
1 BT-20-0862 motor tube
1 EB-5-0025 Engine Blocks
1 EH-0275 engine hook
1 BT-60-004 tube ring (rear hoop)
1 Ping pong ball
2 CRP-20-50 centering rings
1 LL-1-2 launch lug
1 LL-1-1 launch lug
1 Custom Ion fin set
1 Instruction sheet

The following images give you a good view of the product (click thumbnail for a larger view).  If you have any questions about this or any other FlisKits product or accessory, please contact us a sales@fliskits.com
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Assembled Ion Slipstream engine mount

Figure showing part of the assembly process of the Ion Slipstream Engine Mount.




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