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Ejection Baffle Kits: BAF-70 - $6.45
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FlisKits is proud to introduce a full line of Ejection Baffle Kits to help you augment your model rocket recovery system!

FlisKits Ejection Baffle Kits allow you to design a model rocket such that no recovery wadding is needed!  The unique baffle design blocks and traps the burning particles from an ejection charge, preventing them from coming into contact with your recovery device.  Further, the expanding hot gasses from the ejection charge is slowed through the twisting maze of the baffle construction, giving them time to cool before they pressurize the recovery compartment, to deploy the recovery device.

The BAF-70 Baffle Kit comes with 2 custom baffle rings (upper and lower), a stage coupler (baffle body) and a length of KevlarTM cord.  This baffle kit is suitable for almost any model rocket that uses a BT-70 body tube or stuffer tube in its design.  Further, you can modify most existing models from many different manufacturers with the use of this baffle.  Even if you have built the model, if you can safely and completely remove the existing shock cord device and provide a clear path to set this baffle well inside the body tube, you can upgrade all of your existing BT-670 based models!  The KevlarTM cord is included so that you can upgrade your entire recovery system with the strength and reliability of KevlarTM!

IMPORTANT: When using any of our baffle kits, it is recommended that you install the baffle such that it is as far forward as possible, while leaving enough room for your recovery device and its shock cord mechanism.  Keeping the baffle forward does two things.  One, the weight (mass) of the baffle is kept forward, aiding in keeping your model stable (keeping the Center of Gravity (CG) ahead of the Center of Pressure (CP)).  Further, the baffle acts as a barricade to keep your recovery device high up in the model, also aiding in keeping the model stable.

The BAF-70 motor mount kit comes complete with:
QTY Description
1 Custom upper baffle ring
1 Custom lower baffle ring
1 SLK-90-48 cord
1 CPL-70-0125 stage coupler
1 Detailed instruction set




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