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Payload Sections (Really neat image coming soon!)

Ideal for launching that sophisticated (or not so sophisticated) payload!  A wide variety of sizes and styles give you the flexibility you need for scale, sport and scientific applications.  If you are looking for a payload section  that is not listed, please send mail to sales@fliskits.com and we will see what we can do for the future.  If a particular payload is requested by enough people, we will consider stocking it as a standard part.

KEY Product Available Future Product Coming Soon On Hold
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Payload Section Kits

PSK-5-20   BT-5         Future Product
PSK-5-50   BT-5         Future Product
PSK-5-60   BT-5         Future Product
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PSK-20-20   BT-20         Future Product
PSK-20-50   BT-20         Future Product
PSK-20-55   BT-20         Future Product
PSK-20-60   BT-20         Future Product
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PSK-50-60   BT-50         Future Product
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PSK-55-60   BT-55         Coming Soon!
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PSK-60-63   BT-60         Coming Soon!
PSK-60-70   BT-60         Future Product


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