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Engine Mount Kits:
FlisKits satisfies the needs of the scratch builder in many ways, but none so effectively as having a full line of Engine Mount kits and accessories for your engine installation.  If you are building a single engine model or a 2, 3 or even 4 engine cluster bird, you will find what you need right here!  If you are
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looking for an engine mount that is not listed, please send mail to sales@fliskits.com and we will see what we can do for the future.  If a particular engine mount is requested by enough people, we will consider stocking it as a standard part.

Tres engine mounts in 13mm, 18mm & 24mm!

Ion Slipstream Engine Mount (EMK-18-50D)
(as seen on the Decim8)

Now enjoy the beauty of a triple canted motor mount identical to that used in the famous FlisKits Tres, but now available in THREE different sizes!

Also enjoy the creative features of the engine mount that makes the Decim8 the kit of choice among discerning builders of futuristic kits!  Bar none, the coolest looking engine mount on the market!

See below for details!

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Single Motor Engine-Mounts

EMK-13-20 $2.45 ea. 13mm BT-20 1.75"  
EMK-13-50 $2.65 ea. 13mm BT-50 1.75"  
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EMK-18-50 $2.95 ea. 18mm BT-50 2.75"  
EMK-18-50D $9.95 ea. 18mm BT-50 9.67"  
EMK-18-55 $3.25 ea. 18mm BT-55 2.75"  
EMK-18-60 $3.45 ea. 18mm BT-60 2.75"  
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EMK-24-55 $3.35 ea. 24mm BT-55 4.00"  
EMK-24-60 $3.55 ea. 24mm BT-60 4.00"  
EMK-24-70 $3.95 ea. 24mm BT-70 4.00"  
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Two Engine Cluster Mounts

EMK2-13-55 $3.25 ea. 2 X 13mm BT-55 1.75"  
EMK2-13-55C $4.95 ea. 2 X 13mm Canted BT-55 1.75"  
EMK2-18-60 $4.55 ea. 2 X 18mm BT-60 2.75"  
EMK2-18-60C $5.65 ea. 2 X 18mm Camted BT-60 2.75"  
EMK2-18-70 $4.95 ea. 2 X 18mm BT-70 2.75"  
EMK2-24-70C $5.95 ea. 2 X 24mm Canted BT-70 4.00"  
EMK2-24-70   $4.95 ea. 2 X 24mm BT-70 4.00"  
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Three Engine Cluster Mounts

EMK3-13-55C $5.45 ea. 3 X 13mm
BT-55 1.75"  
EMK3-18-60C $5.95 ea. 3 X 18mm
BT-60 2.75"  
EMK3-24-70 $5.95 ea. 3 X 24mm BT-70 4.00"  
EMK3-24-70C $6.95 ea. 3 X 24mm
BT-70 4.00"  
EMK3-24-70R $5.75 ea. 3 X 24mm BT-70 4.00"  
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Four Engine Cluster Mounts

EMK4-18-70 $6.75 ea. 4 X 18mm BT-70 2.75"  
EMK4-24-80 $8.45 ea. 4 X 24mm BT-80 4.00"  
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Five Engine Cluster Mounts

EMK5-124-413-70 $7.65 ea. 4 X 13mm & 1 X 24mm BT-70 4.00"  
EMK5-124-418-80 $8.95 ea. 4 X 18mm & 1 X 24mm BT-80 4.00"  
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Seven Engine Cluster Mounts

EMK7-18-70 $8.45 ea. 7 X 18mm BT-70 3.75"  
EMK7-18-80 $9.95 ea. 7 X 18mm BT-80 4.00"  
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