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Adapters, Nose Blocks and more! Adapters & Blocks:
Our growing line of Balsa Adapters and Nose Blocks  use featherweight competition grade balsa wood, precision turned to fit our body tubes exactly.  We will soon be offering a full line of Paper Adapters and Ejection Baffle kits as well.  Keep watch of this page as we add the items you need to scratch build that perfect model rocket!  If you are looking for an adapter or block that is not listed,
please send mail to sales@fliskits.com and we will see what we can do for the future.  If a particular part is requested by enough people, we will consider stocking it as a standard part.

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Balsa Adapters

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TAB-2060C-015 $4.55 BT-20 BT-60 1.5" Out of Stock
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TAB-5055-015 3.95 BT-50 BT-55 1.5"
TAB-5060-02 $4.25 BT-50 BT-60 2.0"
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TAB-5560-01 $4.35 BT-55 BT-60 1.00" 0.25
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TAB-5070-015 $5.95 BT-50 BT-70 1.5"
TAB-5570-03 $6.25 BT-55 BT-70 3.0"
TAB-6070-02 $6.95 BT-60 BT-70 2.0"
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Balsa Nose Blocks

NBB-5-01 $1.95 BT-5 BT-5 1.00"
NBB-20-012 $2.45 BT-20 BT-20 1.25"
NBB-50-015 $2.75 BT-50 BT-50 1.50"
NBB-55-017 $2.95 BT-55 BT-55 1.75"
NBB-60-02 $4.15 BT-60 BT-60 2.00"
NBB-70-04 $5.95 ea. BT-70 BT-70 4.00" 0.95
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