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Some rocketry pix from my younger days, long before FlisKits.

I've been involved in model rocketry for over 50 years now, starting at the age of 7, back in 1963.  Heck, the HOBBY itself was only 4 years old at the time!

I am not a BAR (Born Again Rocketeer) as I have never really left the hobby, even enjoying it at college back in the 70's.  I am more of a "Born Once Rocketeer", but that's a BOR, which doesn't sound too good...  I started with the Sky Hook kit and was on my own for figuring it all out (though my mom had taught me how to use tools and do crafts).

By the late 60's I was starting to scratch build.  More like Kit-Bash actually, as I didn't have a ready supply of parts.  Our local hobby shops didn't carry as much as I wanted, so I purchased often via mail order.  The excitement of getting that box from Estes is NOT to be believed.  Those who know, know what I mean.  Others can only imagine.

By the late 70's, married and gainfully employed, I knew I was missing out on some fun so I put an article in our local paper and hosted a rocket demo.  It was well attended and covered by the news papers.  This seeded the beginnings of the Goddard Society (which later became closely affiliated with the 4-H as I became the 4-H Group Organizer for Hillsboro County, NH).  We helped with the founding of CMASS and also founded the NEMROC conventions to combat the loss of MIT-CON.  

I became the kit designer for Pearl River commemorative kits (with the generous help of Estes Industries) and also for NEMROC.  It is from these 2 conventions that such kits as the Praetor, D-Nelson Tomahawk, Corona and more came from.

I had met Vern Estes back in the 70's, at Estes Industries, but I doubt that he remembers.  I was one of a thousand faces, I am sure, that came through that building.  With the advent of FlisKits and our participation in national events, Vern and his lovely wife Gleda have become fast friends with Kathy and I.  What a wonderful turn of events!

I enjoy my rocketry.  I have tried to bring that to the community and I hope you enjoy my rocketry as well.  Without you, there would be no FlisKits.

It's fun looking back al all these old photo's.  I hope you are enjoying it as well :)

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Enjoy these photo albums!  




rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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