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Best of 2002
FlisKits opens and hits the streets with a new brand of rocketry!

Back to the beginning of time, as it were!  This is the year that FlisKits opened.  Understand that work towards the opening on the 16th of September had begun more than a year ago, back in June of 2001.

Back then I was an Engineer with Digital Equipment Corporation and FlisKits (no yet named) was going to be an extension of my rocketry hobby with a small offering of kits to the community.  In October I received word that I was the latest in down sizing and I found myself out of a job.  

Still working on getting FlisKits opened (I now had a name, thanks to my life-long friend Jim Meyer, but I also had the logo (thanks to a friend at DEC).   But I had to spend time looking for a job too!  For 6 months I looked, full of the knowledge that there were about 5 job potentials in the area and well over 5000 qualified engineers looking to fill them.  Heck, I KNEW most of them!  One job fair I attended has 3 job openings and over 2000 people showed up for an interview.  It wasn't pretty.

Before long I started to wonder about doing FlisKits as my job and get out of the impersonal world of high-tech.  I talked this over with Kathy and seeing as both of our kids were in college and our mortgage was paid off we figured this was the best time to explore such an adventure.

Over the fall and winter I was raising money to fund FlisKits through the sale of my many rocketry collectables.  I wasn't a collector, but had amassed quite the collection over my many years in the hobby.  This, added to some seed money from my lay-off package, gave me the funds to start.  But HOW?

I knew that doing this as a full time effort was going to require more man power and smarts than just me, so I enlisted the aid of my long-time rocketry friend (and fellow DECie) Brian McCarthy.  With a little extra seed money and some lively discussion we began laying out such details as a part numbering scheme, vendors, warehousing and manufacturing.  Instructions and artwork needed to be made up as well as advertising considerations.  It was a lot of work, but by September of 2002 we were ready to go and opened our doors.  They haven't shut in 11 years and it's been a wild ride ever since!  

Enjoy this short photo album of our first year and, if you get the chance, go on to my pre-FlisKits photo album to see some of the history of my early rocketry fun.

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.

Enjoy these photo albums!  



rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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