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Welcome to 2005!
Boys & Girls Club
I began teaching a simple rocketry class for our B&GC after school program in Merrimack.  By 2005 this mushroomed into a full set of 7 week programs from beginning rocketry through advanced rocketry.  Overall, it has been one of my largest and most involved outreach programs ever.
P1010001.jpg (58120 bytes)
If they weren't good friends to begin with, many of my kids became good friends after a full year of rocketry together!
P1010003.jpg (62111 bytes)
One of our advanced design classes.  This boy has been with our program for the full school year and beyond!
P1010007.jpg (88235 bytes)
Hamming it up for the camera.  Gotta love it!
P1010008.JPG (65197 bytes)
Extended this program to include the Litchfield school district.  The frustration is that the school was 1/4 mile away, as the crow flies, but over 15 miles via roadway (darned river!)
P1010009.JPG (61420 bytes)
The Triskelion kit was one of our most popular with the Litchfield folks.
P101000a3.jpg (98202 bytes)
Merrimack loved it too!  Some beautiful rockets there!
P1010012.JPG (85581 bytes)
Hooking up the micro clips, these kids do ALL the work.  I'm just a spectator.
P1010015.JPG (88120 bytes)
Whata rag tag group! Love 'em all!
P1010017crop.jpg (77145 bytes)
I feel sorry for the rocket... LOL
P1010026.JPG (48547 bytes)
One of the exciting aspects of rocketry, recovery!
P1010028.JPG (74765 bytes)
Simply beautiful finish on this Triskelion
P1010031.JPG (61017 bytes)
Hard at work, my kids learn how to read instructions, use tools and even clean up after themselves.
Our Connecticut club always invites me to fly with them but my schedule doesn't afford me the time very often, so I take advantage when I can.  Great group of folks!
dudley-on-the-pad.jpg (47263 bytes)
My Dudley Doo-Right on the pad for her second test flight (having first been tested at CMASS).  This foam cup rocket contained 132 cups, stood 18 1/2 feet tall and weighed in at 2.7 pounds making her the largest MODEL rocket ever flown, by volume... :)
Liftoff.jpg (50407 bytes)
She flew great too!  This was all in preparation for her performance at the upcoming NARAM.  Good stuff!
P1010113.jpg (57261 bytes)
And, of course, the Sprint'73 makes another appearance.
P1010117.jpg (43237 bytes)
A little rough around the edges, she's all original except for the recovery system and launch lugs.
P1010119.jpg (63978 bytes)
Some CATO folks enjoying a launch!
Our local (Central Mass) rocket club.  Good people!
P1010002.JPG (91383 bytes)
The kids are what make this job so worth while!
P1010004.JPG (79484 bytes)
My daughter Jen with one of her charges :)
P1010015.jpg (86527 bytes)
A beautiful modification to our Tres kit, with a mid-body engine mount.  Bob has since given this model to me and I have it on display.  Fly it occasionally, but just love to look at it (and show it off :) )
P1010017.jpg (63557 bytes)
Lot going on here...  Upscale of our Midnight Express (free download rocket) with a hand rolled 13mm Deuce engine mount!  COOL!
P1010022.jpg (87194 bytes)
Sharing a diamond Rhino
P1010030.jpg (31483 bytes)
One of the original (NEMROC days) version of my 13mm Mercury Redstone design.  I think this is Bill's.  This is the design that lead to our FlisKits Mercury kit.
P1010031.jpg (49529 bytes)
Bill shows off his A.C.M.E. Spitfire with real wood finish! Love it!
P1010036.JPG (42991 bytes)
Our 3rd anniversary!  The "CAKE" has become a fun and exciting tradition at the FlisKits anniversary launches in September.
P1010037.JPG (84333 bytes)
My blanket of kits for the anniversary launch.  Some fun stuff there!
P1010040.jpg (75457 bytes)
Bill's A.C.M.E. lights up the sky!
P1010043.jpg (42450 bytes)
Getting ready to introduce our line of Micro to the MAXX models, here I am doing a demo flight of our Petite Praetor.
P1010054.jpg (79244 bytes)
Next up is the Teeny Triskelion.  The new line of kits was very well received!
P1010083.JPG (63015 bytes)
On the other end of the spectrum, we have our 3-stage Nomad model, ready to fly.  Full up, 3 stages, our Amesbury field is about the only place this beast can fly with any hope of getting her back!
P1010085.JPG (73201 bytes)
Preparing the mid-body Tres for flight.  This is exciting!
P1010120.JPG (56230 bytes)
The local crew with a fine collection!
P1010141.jpg (77414 bytes)
One of Tony's designs.  Just too cool!
P1010144.jpg (20792 bytes)
The Sprint'73 saw a lot of action this year as we close in on flight #500
P1010149.jpg (67760 bytes)
I think Ken (not to mention Bill) were getting tired of seeing this thing fly! LOL
P1010159.jpg (50814 bytes)
Too bad.  Gonna see it again!
P1010163.jpg (78124 bytes)
WHOOPS! And again...
P1010172.jpg (22224 bytes)
Our micro Ulysses on the pad.  This design was later upscaled into the Proxima Centauri kit.
P1010175.jpg (188776 bytes)
Bob with his decked out Deuce's Wild!
p1011161.jpg (66287 bytes)
A Night Whisper and a Deuce's Wild!  How cool is that?
p1011169.jpg (21166 bytes)
A proto of the Corona-2 booster accessory is demo'd for the folks.
p1011172.jpg (57163 bytes)
Another proto, the Tesla, on the pad and ready to go as Doug looks on.
p1011174.jpg (58735 bytes)
She flies nice, but parts are going to be a bear!
p1011203.jpg (78546 bytes)
Probably the brightest Triskelion kits I have ever seen!
p1011227.jpg (96775 bytes)
The Deuce is the thing!
p1011240.jpg (53032 bytes)
Triskelion drag race!
p1011245.jpg (82174 bytes)
Dang!  There's that Sprint'73 again!
P1100507.jpg (125832 bytes)
Dudley Do-Right getting loaded up!
sprint73.jpg (73096 bytes)
A poster I made showing the Sprint'73 launches this year, leading to 500.  Good stuff!
Danville Elementary School
More and more educational outreach as word gets out in the local community about rocketry programs in the area.
p1010544.jpg (65182 bytes)
This is actually from a Cub Scout launch near Danville.  Always a good time with the Scouts.  Both the kids and the parents love these programs.
P1010166.JPG (89781 bytes)
Danville Elementary's best and brightest!
P1010173.JPG (89714 bytes)
Great kids, hard work and beautiful rockets!
P1010182.JPG (88430 bytes)
The cheering section keeps everything exciting!
P1010187sm.JPG (51290 bytes)
More hard work as the kids realize their job isn't done yet!
P1010224.JPG (80502 bytes)
Rhino away.  One of dozes of perfect flights this day.
P1010259.JPG (96972 bytes)
The enthusiasm was contagious!
National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet
P1010220.JPG (67044 bytes)
It's becoming tradition now that if SEMROC shows up first, they reserve a spot for FlisKits, or if FlisKits is first, we reserve a spot for SEMROC.  How's THAT for the world of competition!
1962.jpg (23842 bytes)
My first (of 5) flights of the Dudley Do-Right at NARAM.  Needless to say, this beast attracted a LOT of attention!
1980.jpg (33842 bytes)
Made me pretty darned happy too! LOL
P1010222.JPG (70058 bytes)
Lots of foam flying this week!  Here my Decaffeinator with the glider accessory attached gives us a great show.
P1010250.JPG (61246 bytes)
Maxi-A.C.M.E.  Man, what a beast!
P1010262.JPG (89282 bytes)
Display board showing off our proposed selection of micro components.  Feedback from this event led to what is now the worlds largest and most talked about selection of micro parts in the industry.
P1010289crop.JPG (14852 bytes)
Another flight of the Dudley Do-Right.  She gave us 4 great flights on clusters of 4 24mm motors.  The 5th, and final, flight was with CHAD staging 4 MORE motors to this beast.  Due to total fuel weight, this qualified as HPR and I needed someone with L1 certification to fly it for me.  It was a BEAUTIFUL flight!
P1010306.JPG (46969 bytes)
UFFO with an arrow straight flight!
P1010313.JPG (85798 bytes)
Deuce and A.C.M.E.  I seem to see these in pair a lot for some reason!  Love it!
P1010339.JPG (75813 bytes)
The moment of truth.  After 32 years of effort, Gleda Estes gets the Sprint'73 on the pad for flight #499
P1010340.JPG (44227 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!  With Gleda hidden behind a cloud of exhaust smoke, we're now one flight away from history!
P1010341.JPG (74826 bytes)
I gave Vern the honor of flight #500 and here we are getting her ready on the pad.
P1010345.JPG (82169 bytes)
Hooking up the clips and we're ready to go!
P1010347.JPG (45204 bytes)
Don't know how much this meant to the others watching, but this was the highlight of my rocketry career to date.  Flight #500!
flight_500.jpg (38197 bytes)
Here we have a nice sequence of shots of the launch.  Incredible!
(Photo by David Hash)
P1010349.JPG (53008 bytes)
After the launch we had a small ceremony where I donated the Sprint'73 to Vern and Gleda Estes.  I explained to Vern that I was dissatisfied with the model as I only got 500 flights out of it and would not get 501, so I was returning it to the man who made it.
P1010355.JPG (52434 bytes)
Additionally, I gave an award describing the model and this effort giving such statistics as the number of miles flown (over 73), money spent on motors ($765) and condition of the model (all stock except for the recovery section and launch lugs.)  It was a good day.
P1010370.JPG (59460 bytes)
At the manufacturers forum, I used the Dudley Do-Right to help emphasize the fun in foam cup rocketry.
P1010373.JPG (44089 bytes)
My good friend, Carl McLawhorn prepares for his forum delivery.
P1010388.JPG (63387 bytes)
Getting the maxi A.C.M.E. on the pad.  I missed the darned launch picture though!  ARGH!
P1010420.JPG (60259 bytes)
Kathy, Vern, Glead and myself, after the awards dinner.  This was a good week!
P1010425.JPG (37991 bytes)
Man, what a crew!  Myself with Carl and Gordy after a quick meal just before we headed home from NARAM.
National Convention
Have loved conventions every since the days of MIT-CON and Pearl River.  So much so that I help found the NEMROC conventions back in the 1980's  NARCON is a good place to be!
p1010828.jpg (75068 bytes)
Some people think that I came up with foam cup rocketry.  I didn't.  I was introduced to it at the Pearl River conventions a long time ago.  Interesting to note, however, that in the North East, most everyone knows of them.  Out side of the North East it's like magic or something! LOL  Here I am with a room full of people doing a Decaffeinator build session.  Fun in a cup!
p1010842.jpg (73508 bytes)
Man, we're gonna need a bigger room!
p1010845.jpg (85664 bytes)
The McLawhorns (SEMROC) always have the most professional looking booth around!  That's Bruce there working the booth
p1010849.jpg (74906 bytes)
Then there's FlisKits.  Kinda like one of those old hobby shops where there is something new to discover under every pile and in every corner.  Not sure if this is good or not... LOL
p1010853.jpg (92718 bytes)
Inviting, in its own special way :)
p1010860.jpg (96647 bytes)
Vern and Gleda Estes checking us out.
p1010867.jpg (91684 bytes)
A moment to chat with Carl and Gleda
p1010874.jpg (76057 bytes)
Kathy and I enjoy a nice dinner with friends from the convention.
p1010875.jpg (77862 bytes)
Good food and good people!
p1010877.jpg (71341 bytes)
As you can see, food is as important to a rocketeer as rockets are!
p1010881.jpg (84587 bytes)
What a lovely couple!
p1010882.jpg (81276 bytes)
Sheryl, Carl and Bruce enjoying the evening.
New England Model Rocketry Convention
Founded by the Goddard Society, with the help of the newly formed CMASS, NEMROC was our answer to the ending of the MITCON conventions and rapidly grew in size to become one of the largest conventions in the country.

Once I got FlisKits started, I looked into revitalizing this convention, with some success!

P1010001.jpg (57228 bytes)
My daughter Jen manning our booth against a beautiful background!
P1010011.jpg (60082 bytes)
A NEMROC tradition (borrowed from Pearl River) is a kit build.
P1010005.jpg (62678 bytes)
UFFO's are the call of the day!
P1010007.JPG (68084 bytes)
On fly day, we have a Triskelion ready for safety check!
P1010004.JPG (69715 bytes)
Traditionally 1 day convention, 1 day sport fly, here's Bill getting a picture of me getting a picture of him, getting a... well you get the idea...
P1010019.JPG (57011 bytes)
A drag race of UFFO's!  There be foam in the sky!
North East Regional Rocketry Fest
FlisKits got in on the ground floor with the beginning of this fun event with sponsorships, prizes and range box stickers.  A great annual launch!
p1010001.jpg (81255 bytes)
Billy shows off his 2-stage Rhino with the modified fins.  Looking good!
p1010002.jpg (80994 bytes)
Billy's display area.  Quite the collection there and a LOT of FlisKits kits.  Can you name them all? (There are at least 14)
p1010004.jpg (76871 bytes)
Our booth is getting bigger.  Two tents now and a LOT more product!
p1010034.jpg (33973 bytes)
A.C.M.E. Spitfire drag race.  How cool is that?
p1010038.jpg (70081 bytes)
Billy getting his Richter Recker ready for launch.
p1010041.jpg (84171 bytes)
Love seeing happy folks with our kits!  Here we have the Rhino and ACME
p1010046.jpg (55298 bytes)
Another Rhino and a happy face!  Love it.
Pollard Elementary School
Our first educational outreach experience as a company.  First flying with us in 2003, this began with me teaching the class (building) then coming back to launch.  Now we have the teachers to the build (I deliver them and deliver a 1 hour lecture on rocketry to the entire 4th grade class) then I come back to fly them.  Typical class is 95-110 students.  Great fun!
p1011274.jpg (81945 bytes)
The first of 5 classes poses for a photo BEFORE we start loosing rockets! (actually, we don't loose that many, but just in case... :) )
p1011276.jpg (138941 bytes)
One of my favorite photo sets (this and the next one).  Never have you seen such concentration as a new rocketeer presses the launch button!
p1011277.jpg (157923 bytes)
Talk about "Instant Gratification"!  And he did it himself!  Good job!
p1011282.jpg (128634 bytes)
Love shots where I can get the rocket and the rocketeer into the same picture!
p1011295.jpg (68504 bytes)
Another of the 5 groups.  For more detail of such launches, I invite you to visit one of the more recent Pollard photo albums from the main photo album page.
p1011307.jpg (74723 bytes)
Hooking up the igniter leads.  Early on I decided that they best way for these kids to learn, was to have them do all the work.  I am just a spectator at these launches!
p1011313.jpg (106536 bytes)
And the results pay off at each and every launch!
p1011314.jpg (81556 bytes)
Chasing down your rocket is a big part of the fun!
p1011320.jpg (65609 bytes)
Our last group of the day.  We DO have fun at these launches!
Team America Rocketry Challenge
p1010898.jpg (50580 bytes)
Our 2005 team prepares for a test flight. See what we have to go through in the North East to get qualification flights!??!  Not many need a snow shovel, boots and a parka...
p1010901.jpg (87260 bytes)
But we weather through it!
p1010909.jpg (60739 bytes)
Interesting design, at the moment of ignition!
Another TRF launch!
P1011090.JPG (95807 bytes)
Our booth at the Scout Launch...
Ok, so here's the deal.  Whitakers is a small launch and nearly a 2-day drive, so it can be expensive.  This year we had decided not to attend.  Carl Mc:Lawhorn (SEMROC) was upset about this so he made special arrangements.
P1011096.JPG (86271 bytes)
SEMROC was hosting a large rocket build and launch the day before the Whitakers launch.  He made arrangements to allow FlisKits, along with SEMROC, to set up a booth to sell our products during this launch.  Here we see a large room full of budding rocketeers building the SEMROC kits.  We're talking over 500 kids with their parents here!  Good deal, so we headed down!
P1011099.JPG (71283 bytes)
Happy faces as some of these kids build their first rocket ever!
P1011100.JPG (92649 bytes)
The SEMROC booth gets busy...   ...oh, wait, that's just Kathy sneaking a look into the competitors booth...
P1011105.JPG (55700 bytes)
Everyone got involved in helping get the Scouts into the air.  Here, Sheryl watches a launch off in the distance.
P1011106.JPG (76746 bytes)
Here I am helping with flight prep
P1011110.JPG (105662 bytes)
And there our booths sat.  Man, that was rough (for BOTH comapnies!).  All the work and money Carl invested into this.  Then making a deal for us to make the trip worthwhile, and our TOTAL, COMBINED sales for the day came up to $0.00

Go figure! LOL

P1011117.JPG (80638 bytes)
But the kids had fun and the rockets all flew!
P1011131.JPG (71387 bytes)
Back at Carl and Sheryl's place, we enjoyed time with the McLawhorns and their extended family of pups.
P1011149.JPG (65056 bytes)
P1011151.JPG (81775 bytes)
The gang from TRF poses for a beauty shot
That's it for 2005!  Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out our other photo albums!

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