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Tony places his K'TNG'A on the pad for her maiden flight!

She is a pretty bird!

Ok, so I focused a lot on this rocket.  It's the first I've seen, other than my own proto's.

So, I am rather excited!

But, ya gotta admit, Tony did a wonderful job!

And she flies as good as she looks!

Up and back, picture perfect!  In fact, about 5 feet from landing she seemed to hit a thermal and slowed down considerably just before touching the soft grass.

A lot of youngsters out today and many of them flying FlisKits, like this Bull's Eye here!

Perfect going up...

...and returning to Earth!

Like I said, a lot of youngsters, like this young lady here with the Triskelion.

Here we have the CMASS (Kenn) and MMMSC crew (Scott) manning the range.  It was sad not seeing Bill there, at the helm.

The Triskelion sails past the CMASS flag on a perfect flight.

Even in the wind, she landed fairly close to the launch area.

Lots of HPR activity too.  This beaut was stunning to watch.

Roaring off the pad!

Can almost read the decals!

One of two new proto's I am testing for an upcoming summer camp at Gan Israel.

The Down the Tubes I ready for flight

Picture perfect and arrow straight on a 13mm A10-3T

Tried to capture the Flea in flight and missed the nose part...

Down the Tubes II ready for her maiden flight

WHOOSH! Picture perfect on a B6-4.  After a hike of about a half mile to retrieve her, I was done...  Down the Tubes III (BT-55 based) will fly another day...

Here is what I could see (zoomed in) from where I retrieved the rocket...  That's my tent there, on the left...

Another shot, another perfect flight.

Thank you to all who came.  Thank you to the members who help get everything set up and the range running.  Thank you, Bill Spadafora, for years of friendship, humor, rocketry.
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