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Our first launch of the day, a Rhino!

My standard shot of Tony's display of models!

Of course, the standout model is his K'TNG'A

A nice, new Estes model (left) and a scratch built using the FlisKits 13mm Tres engine mount

Another interesting model
from Squirrel Works, by Nick Adams called the Interstellar Probe.

Tony hooking up the clips

She looks nice on the pad.  It is wonderful to see designs such as this coming from Estes!

My favorite shots, from below.

And she is off!

Another nice flight at CMASS

A NIKE sails past the CMASS flag.

One of Tony's 2-stage models.  Great flight!

This looks like a TARC model...

Perfect flight!

A Goblin on a D21.  Quick off the pad, but I caught her!



Good up and good back.  Good.

Bob's Long OverDue puts in a great flight up...

...and down!

At one point I counted 82 people.  A better turn out than I had expected.

One of Boris' creations.  Good stuff!

Here we see Boris preping his king-sized Thunderbird with a boat load of motors!  Unfortunately, I did not get to see this fly this time.

Bob's Point puts in a great flight too!

A very nice selection of FlisKits models including (top/left to right) Thing-a-ma-Jig, Cheetah, Drake, Morning Star, Stingray, A.C.M.E. Spitfire.

I stayed long enough to watch the A.C.M.E. Spitfire put in a perfect flight!  I love this design!
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