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Tony gets hooked up on this cold, winter day

And we have lift off!

My modest booth.  Yeah, on days like this I don't set up much... LOL

Tony wanted to show off his K'TNG'A model (our newest kit at the time)

Needless to say, Tony does have bragging rights when it comes to model building and finishing!

Simply spectacular!

I may come up with the occasional cool design, but it is builders like Tony that truly make them look good!

Even with the cold, we had quite the crowd!

Panning left to right, you can see all the cars and people!

Yeah, we're a bit hard core up here...


We tend to gather in small groups, sharing body heat...

With the ground frozen, we can't use the launch pad stakes, so we go with a small table set up with 3-4 pads on it.

Even the younger modelers are braving the cold.  This young rocketeer with a Tri-Glide

Those not flying are spectating.

And we have lift off!

Good return, but we have to be ware as the ground is VERY hard.

Moment of ignition of a Frick-n-Frack 2-stage saucer

She climbs nice, in the still air

Ever upward, towards the staging event

And we have successful staging!  The booster will gently float to the ground while the sustainer continues upward!

A close up of the "guns" that Tony designed for his K'TNG'A build.  Much better looking than what I propose in the kit instructions.

Another shot of the guns.  Good stuff!
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