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Scott Pennington

remember saying happy birthday a year ago and it feels like just yesterday!  This year's photo contest made me think of the Fliskits photos that I could send this year that I had not sent last year and the only kits I have built are the Buckshot and the Corona + Corona 2.

In my defense, I would have focused on Fliskits' products more this last year if Semroc  had not had such a rough time of it and weren't closing.  I know you have helped Sheryl  often this last year and have been a blessing to her and Bruce.  I am including some photos of Semroc kits that I have made in the last year as a bit of a tribute to them

I had not finished the Lil' Centauri when I flew it on it's maiden flight.  It broke two fins upon landing with a tangled chute.  I glued the fins and flew it again.  Then I ran into Mr. Estes.  When he found out it was a Semroc kit he offered to sign it.

VF-261 has 3D printed wing pods and was selected at NARAM 56 to be part of a display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Mike Rohde

Pictures of my Long OverDue on its 12th flight and the Celtic Thunder on its maiden flight.

Dan & Ben Tyszka

Attached please find photos of our Frick 'n Frack and Doubles rockets.

The Doubles was recently built by Dan and we hope to launch it at the September Amesbury Launch.

The Frick 'n Frack was built together by both of us and is one of our favorite rockets, having launched it many, many times at CMASS launches.
Brian Uhlenkamp

Richter Recker Tres customization (strakes/fins) flying by the moon on three E12-4 motors.

Larry Vetter

Scratch built rocket made from Fliskits body tubes, body tube transitions, and nosecones.

 The large nosecone is a Rhino nosecone modified a bit :)
 The tail cone is a transition hollowed out and cut down with the fins made from 1/16 balsa. The top fins with the pods on top and the bottom strakes are like used on the Estes Interceptor.
 Main fins are something I came up with. The guns are wooden dowel, and I do use an 18" nylon chute.
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