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FlisKits 12th Anniversary Launch!

Every year, for 12 years, I've worked to bring the fun of rocketry to the community.  Every year I've been able to host a celebration with friends from around the north east, and around the world (via web).  Every year I've been humbled by the outpouring of support that we have received as we do our best to continue our tradition of fun in rocketry!

I attend nearly every CMASS launch and there isn't one that goes by that doesn't include several flights of FlisKits model rocket kits.  That all pales in comparison to what it's like during our anniversary launch!  We had over 350 launches (may even be over 400 - an I think it is) and I am certain that well over 300 of those flights we of our products.  The folks here just CARE!  Everybody goes out of their way to show their appreciation and, believe me, it is noticed! 

Yes, FlisKits covers the cost of the field (so there are no fly-fees), and yes we bring CAKE.  But even without this, I know everyone would still be there and still having fun and supporting FlisKits.  Even without the cake.  Everyone!  Well, ok, maybe not Kenn or Bill, but still, that's SOMETHING! :)

Seriously though.  All the folks at CMASS, our customers nation-wide and world-wide, our retailers and all of our educators and youth group leaders who come to FlisKits for their rocketry solutions.  I can not thank you enough.  We have been here for you these past 12 years.  It is SO good to know that you are here for us as well.  It's a great relationship.  I hope it continues to grow!

Enjoy the photo's from our 12th annual celebration launch!  If you missed this one, come on out to our Lucky-13 launch next year!

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.

Enjoy these photo albums!  





rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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