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Al sets up his Thing-a-ma-Jig.

And away it goes, under Al's watchful eye!

A nicely finished Long OverDue at the moment of ignition!

A Rhino silhouetted against the September sky.

A Bull Pup takes to the air

As does an Honest John.  Lots of scale out here today!

She looks pretty coming back too!

A Richter Recker shakes the ground!

Perfect two-part recovery

One of Tony's creations begins her flight!

Managed to capture the MTTM Doubles (sustainer only) under micromaxx power!

The Pheord X150 is a crowd pleaser!

As is "Purple Haze", the Rock Star!

Up goes the Pheord again! Not sure if this is the same one.

Missed the boost of the Alien8, but here she is on her return!

A Deuce's Wild doing a fine imatation of a Ace...  LOL

Moment of ignition on the Celtic Thunder!

Lots of beautiful rockets, many FlisKits kits!

A fleet of aircraft ready to pounce!

Just some very cool rockets!

One of my fav, the Borealis takes to the air!

Gaining altitude under a good burn!

Reaching for that dark blue as she screams into the air!

Only to return under a full 'chute!

The Drake also puts in a great show!

Mid day and we have quite a crowd.  Final tally was about 140 people in all!

The first proto of the micro V2-Bumper, on the pad.

A wonderful flight, leading to the announcement that this was going to become a kit!

Lots of egg lofting as we had some TARC teams experimenting today

A full up Nomad puts in a great flight!  I know the first stage and sustainer were recovered, but I am not sure about the second stage...

Preparing for the Frick-n-Frack drag race...

The excitement builds!  I will post a link to the video.

Also caught the Doubles with the booster on a great flight!

More waiting to check in their Frick-n-Frack models for the drag race.

A massively upscaled Whatchamacallit.  WOW!

A very nicely finished Praetor!

Man, she's a beaut!

She looks good in the air too! (this is a different Praetor - still my all time fav design!)

The Frick-n-Frack drag race was a hit, but we had too many for the pads, so several flew afterwards, like this one!

Wouldn't be a complete launch without one of Scott's creative creatures in the air...

A Deuce and a Rhino and a boat load of friends!  What a day!

Up goes another of Tony's creations!

A 2-way Frick-n-Frack drag race!

Up they go!

Screaming into the air!

Captured moments before staging!

There's that Rhino putting in a perfect flight!

Here we have the Deuce with BOTH motors lit!

A pretty rocket, regardless of which way she's going!

An impressive RC/RG takes off!

Wonderful Saturn V on a cluster of 5 motors!

Perfect flight, up and down!

The Nantucket Sound on a perfect flight!

There goes that upscale Whatchamacallit!

We have an event!

Picture perfect!  What a flight!

Here's an A.C.M.E. Spitfire, poised in front of the FlisKits booth

The moment of ignition on an E30!  Perfect flight, and VERY high!

A 2-stage (modified) Thing-a-ma-Jig.  Very cool!
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