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CMASS - January 18th, 2014

Ok, so maybe we ARE certifiable.  Still though, we had fun and we can say we DID IT!

Big whoop.

LOL No seriously, we should be comitted...  

On our (what is this, the 6th?) CMASS Winter Follies, we had about 20 folks show up.  The forecast originally called for temps in the mid-40's with a slight chance of rain.  By launch time, the forecast had been downgraded to temps in the low 30's and up to an inch of snow....

Never got warmer than about 28 and I had an inch of snow on my table by the time I was done setting them up!  Cold, wet and heavy snow.  A few times I lost sight of the tree line it was coming in so heavy.  Big fat, succulent snow flakes too...  I would say that we got about 25 launches in before folks began saying "what the heck are we DOING!??!" and we closed up shop about noon time, after about 2 hours of flying.

The trip back to NH was daunting, with traffic moving at a snails pace up RT 495 and 3, but I got home safe and downed a large, hot bowl of corn chowder! yum!

Looking forward to our next launch, in warmer weather!

Enjoy the photo album and be sure to come out to the next launch! 

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.

Enjoy these photo albums!  





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