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dsc02884.jpg (66481 bytes)
Our own little crop of rockets at Red Glare XII
dsc02886.jpg (58451 bytes)
Our booth on day 1
dsc02887.jpg (86674 bytes)
Right across the way we find Nick and his large Mercury Redstone
dsc02889.jpg (85829 bytes)
Oh man, THIS is going to be kewl!
dsc02890.jpg (90168 bytes)
We also had Robert with AMW here with us
dsc02891.jpg (58720 bytes)
And, of course, Wildman Tim.
dsc02892.jpg (33925 bytes)
Not sure who's or what's, but WAY KEWL
dsc02893.jpg (79718 bytes)
Crowd to the right
dsc02894.jpg (70388 bytes)
and to the left.  Small group on day 1, but it grew a lot for day 2!
dsc02899.jpg (46394 bytes)
Someone's V2.  Anyone who can help with names, motors, models can send me an email.
dsc02900.jpg (37565 bytes)
Good day for rockets, wind notwithstanding.
dsc02901.jpg (36470 bytes)
Cherokee H?
dsc02902.jpg (68797 bytes)
Fires at the pads were not uncommon and we kept close watch after every launch.
dsc02906.jpg (42627 bytes)
Up, up, and away!
dsc02907.jpg (39830 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc02908.jpg (30918 bytes)
Running out of things to say!  LOL  Wish I had recorded details...
dsc02909.jpg (39017 bytes)
Loved the flights during the "sucker lulls" in the wind.
dsc02910.jpg (45492 bytes)
Bryan's beauty on pad 3
dsc02912.jpg (35113 bytes)
As nice in the air as on the ground!
dsc02913.jpg (44688 bytes)
And safe return too
dsc02914.jpg (62790 bytes)
Nick getting his Mercury ready.
dsc02915.jpg (80703 bytes)
Just love this trailer.  Rocketry nirvana!
dsc02916.jpg (86860 bytes)
Close up of the details.  Yeah, that's a fun trailer!
dsc02917.jpg (89788 bytes)
Look down rocketry lane
dsc02918.jpg (49426 bytes)
Nick checking details (altimeter, perhaps?)
dsc02919.jpg (100386 bytes)
Kathy and Snuggles sitting in the sun.
dsc02920.jpg (46244 bytes)
Tail of fire!
dsc02922.jpg (49785 bytes)
Nick's flight was incredible and picture perfect!
dsc02923.jpg (51155 bytes)
Folks, we have GOT to convince Nick to put an escape tower on this thing!
dsc02924.jpg (47749 bytes)
Cleared the launch tower, all systems nominal.
dsc02925.jpg (31144 bytes)
Climbing high
dsc02931.jpg (39316 bytes)
I was surprised with how high this thing went.  Looked great!
dsc02932.jpg (45729 bytes)
Smoke trail after the launch.  You can see Nick scored a nice lull in the wind.
dsc02936.jpg (38298 bytes)
All chutes deployed, she returned just a few hundred yards from Nicks car!
dsc02948.jpg (69666 bytes)
At the end of the day, Snuggles was beat!
dsc02951.jpg (72049 bytes)
Snuggles finds a new friend!
dsc02953.jpg (62272 bytes)
The first of several 2012 FlisKits 10th anniversary cakes!
dsc02955.jpg (54938 bytes)
Love those black motors!
dsc02956.jpg (47318 bytes)
Of course, those white motors are nothing to sneeze at!
dsc02957.jpg (68919 bytes)
Spent a lot of the day staring at the sun, looking for rockets!
dsc02959.jpg (65392 bytes)
Gotta love the Interceptor as an upscale project :)
dsc02960.jpg (29633 bytes)
dsc02961.jpg (142099 bytes)
Though I missed the launch, I did get this cool ground shot.
dsc02962.jpg (42793 bytes)
Beer-Lofting at its best.  Rough landing though.
dsc02963.jpg (29222 bytes)
Love the detached flame.
dsc02964.jpg (39218 bytes)
Lots of low powered flights today
dsc02965.jpg (53767 bytes)
There goes that V2 again!
dsc02971.jpg (25580 bytes)
dsc02972.jpg (72179 bytes)
Lines to the pads were larger today, but they moved VERY fast!
dsc02977.jpg (71042 bytes)
We always had a large gathering in the spectator area.
dsc02980.jpg (79261 bytes)
Cutting cake!
dsc02982.jpg (69860 bytes)
A tired puppy
dsc02983.jpg (70414 bytes)
The first FlisKits model (the Rhino) that I saw this weekend!  man...!  LOL
dsc02984.jpg (33812 bytes)
Hard to see that white nose cone!
dsc02985.jpg (41730 bytes)
It was a great weekend of flying.
dsc02986.jpg (52522 bytes)
Folks head out to load the pads.
dsc02987.jpg (59656 bytes)
More launches  all day long!
dsc02988.jpg (38940 bytes)
Gotta love it!
dsc02989.jpg (33516 bytes)
This one punched up QUICK!  I'm surprised I captured it.
dsc02990.jpg (39565 bytes)
On her way!
dsc02991.jpg (74474 bytes)
The ladies sing to Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" in preparation for the next launch...
dsc02992.jpg (35275 bytes)
Yep, you guessed it...  A Red Solo Cup rocket, looking much like the FlisKits Decaffeinator!
dsc02993.jpg (47574 bytes)
Drag race ready to go
dsc02997.jpg (30886 bytes)
First one up (by a LONG margin!)
dsc02998.jpg (30960 bytes)
Followed quickly by #2.  #3 lagged well behind and I can't recall if #4 even got off the pad...
dsc03005.jpg (77128 bytes)
Dr. Zooch open for business.
dsc03006.jpg (80771 bytes)
Wonderful selection of cardstock scale models.
dsc03007.jpg (68145 bytes)
Love this shot as it gives you a good idea of how large some of the pyramid rockets are...
dsc03010.jpg (43879 bytes)
Some of these you can FEEL launching!
dsc03012.jpg (44802 bytes)
There we go!
dsc03020.jpg (34140 bytes)
Beautiful flight, top to bottom!
dsc03023.jpg (29323 bytes)
Nearing the end of day 3
dsc03024.jpg (75718 bytes)
Our booth near the end of day 3, thinking about packing up for the weekend.

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