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Pollard Elementary School, Plaistow, NH
Our TENTH year of launches with Pollard!

Beginning way back in 2003 with Chris M. and nearly 100 rockets, kids and launches, we (FlisKits and Pollard Elementary) embarked on a journey that would help launch a thousand rockets!  Well, nearly so...  Looking at past records, the official count, by the end of this launch, was 993 kid built rockets have taken to the air over Plaistow, NH with me at the help of the launch field.

The first two years with Pollard involved me running the build sessions for all classes then returning a few weeks later to fly.  During our second year Chris invited other teachers to participate in the build to use it as a training seminar (train the trainer, as it were).  After that, I was invited to give a short (1 hour) lecture on model rocketry when delivering the kits.  The teachers would then do the build with their kids without me and invite me to come back for the launch.  It's a program that has worked out very well for 8 years now and I am sure everyone will agree it's a big hit!

A very nice feature of this class is that it is held for the 4th grade students and, during the launching, you will see most, if not all, of the earlier classes (grades 1-3) as spectators.  This give them a glimpse of what they can look forward to when they reach the 4th grade!  Most of these kids had seen 3 previous launches before it became their turn at the launch button and the excitement was palpable!

Special thanks to teachers Vengren, Shute, Winter, and Kane for their help with the kids and their rocketry project.  

Not to mention a thousand (well, maybe 993?) "High Fives" to Alexis Vengren for taking over the reigns from Chris and keeping this program going and growing all these years!  I had a wonderful time.  The kids certainly had a wonderful time and it looked as though all of the spectators did as well.

Enjoy this photo album (broken up by class).  If you see a photo of your student or their rocket, you can request a copy of the original (high res) image by sending me an email with a list of the actual photo file name.

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.

Enjoy these photo albums!  



rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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