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Mrs. Winter's Class

We were preparing our rockets when the rain started to fall, along with thunder/lightning so we adjourned to the gym to finish our rocket prep.  We waited for the skies to clear, hoping we would have time to get the launch in.  We were finally able, but I noticed that we neglected to get a group photo! I am SO sorry!
dsc03791.jpg (87052 bytes)
First pair up, so glad we were able to fly!
dsc03792.jpg (71932 bytes)
And we continue our streak of perfect flights!
dsc03793.jpg (80223 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc03794.jpg (76502 bytes)
Good catch!
dsc03795.jpg (81412 bytes)
Bud's in rocketry!
dsc03796.jpg (86424 bytes)
dsc03797.jpg (82535 bytes)
Flight to inner space!
dsc03799.jpg (87254 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc03800.jpg (82187 bytes)
Missed the first one, but got the second rising up the launch rod!
dsc03801.jpg (86915 bytes)
Love the stripes!
dsc03802.jpg (95259 bytes)
Liftoff with rocketeer in view!
dsc03805.jpg (29791 bytes)
Darn near missed the striped rocket!
dsc03806.jpg (92673 bytes)
Who da man?!
dsc03807.jpg (82448 bytes)
I'm da man!
dsc03808.jpg (78392 bytes)
These rockets do NOT like to be left on the ground!  They need to be in the air!
dsc03810.jpg (92826 bytes)
Purple takes hold!
dsc03811.jpg (82113 bytes)
And flies OH so well!
dsc03812.jpg (27740 bytes)
Recovery ain't half bad, either!
dsc03814.jpg (99217 bytes)
Now THAT'S a liftoff!
dsc03816.jpg (81503 bytes)
Ready to go fly'em
dsc03817.jpg (70963 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc03818.jpg (63344 bytes)
More purple to decorate the skies!
dsc03819.jpg (82393 bytes)
Lookie what I did!
dsc03820.jpg (87446 bytes)
And we have ignition!
dsc03821.jpg (81311 bytes)
Look'it her go!
dsc03822.jpg (94037 bytes)
Tough guy flying rockets!
dsc03823.jpg (67482 bytes)
Into the air we go!
dsc03824.jpg (93101 bytes)
Tough guys rocket works great too!
dsc03825.jpg (95409 bytes)
Last of the class
dsc03826.jpg (73762 bytes)
The streak continues!
dsc03827.jpg (74686 bytes)
Even the teachers rocket performs perfectly!
dsc03828.jpg (111223 bytes)
Watching the last flight of the class
dsc03829.jpg (115798 bytes)
Even the teacher gets into it!  Way to go!
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