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Mrs. Vengren's class

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All set up and ready for the first class.  So peaceful, quiet and calm...
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10 minutes later... LOL
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Because of the mixed weather, I pre-loaded the motors for the kids.  Here they are preparing their parachutes.
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Group shot of the first of 4 classes.  Chomping at the bit to get their rockets in the air!
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First up!  You gotta love the work these kids put into their paint jobs!
dsc03689.jpg (88502 bytes)
And we have liftoff!
dsc03690.jpg (62159 bytes)
Perfect position to catch it too!
dsc03691.jpg (86258 bytes)
There ya go!
dsc03692.jpg (74225 bytes)
Yep, better than fielding a baseball!
dsc03693.jpg (90956 bytes)
The smiles tell the tale!
dsc03694.jpg (72898 bytes)
Moment of ignition
dsc03695.jpg (96149 bytes)
Full Power!
dsc03696.jpg (78704 bytes)
Another good catch!
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The lone rocketeer poses with his rocket.
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Here you can see the lines of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders watching the show.
dsc03699.jpg (88370 bytes)
And WHAT a show it was, too!
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Flies as good as it looks!
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The most common view as the day wears on.  Upturned faces and smiles!
dsc03703.jpg (65470 bytes)
And a great reaction when they can catch'em!
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dsc03706.jpg (72834 bytes)
Under power and away
dsc03707.jpg (74589 bytes)
Good looking rockets here!
dsc03709.jpg (82911 bytes)
More wonderful decorations for the Thing-a-ma-Jig!
dsc03710.jpg (96437 bytes)
Nice view showing the finger on the launch button as the model rises into the air!
dsc03711.jpg (84639 bytes)
Next up looks just as good!
dsc03712.jpg (94594 bytes)
These kids do ALL the work, I am just a spectator!  Hooking up the micro clips.
dsc03713.jpg (93058 bytes)
Then pose for a picture!
dsc03714.jpg (83483 bytes)
Do the work right and  you are rewarded with a great flight!
dsc03715.jpg (84800 bytes)
And, they ALL did the work right!
dsc03716.jpg (97739 bytes)
All these kids were certainly proud of their work too
dsc03717.jpg (80710 bytes)
And for good reason!
dsc03718.jpg (80714 bytes)
The moment of ignition!  You can even see the micro clips being knocked aside (bottom center, near the pad base)
dsc03719.jpg (85827 bytes)
Such a serious pose
dsc03720.jpg (94755 bytes)
Well, rocketry is serious business, isn't it?? 
dsc03721.jpg (72912 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc03722.jpg (94876 bytes)
Last group for this class, ready to go!
dsc03723.jpg (81896 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc03724.jpg (86941 bytes)
One, right after another.  This is what I call FUN!
dsc03725.jpg (85723 bytes)
We closed the class with the launching of the Decaffeinator with attached glider.  Great fun!
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