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Mrs. Shute's class

dsc03743.jpg (126645 bytes)
This was just too pretty not to take a picture of!
dsc03748.jpg (89119 bytes)
Great group of excited rocketeers!
dsc03750.jpg (103886 bytes)
Man, the rockets look HUGE in this picture! LOL
dsc03751.jpg (87428 bytes)
Missed the first rocket, but got the second no problem!
dsc03752.jpg (89382 bytes)
To keep things moving we continue loading up even while some are retrieving theirs (background, center)
dsc03753.jpg (82141 bytes)
Once the range is clear we can fly!  Caught at the moment of ignition
dsc03754.jpg (79063 bytes)
Lots of purple flew today!
dsc03755.jpg (95074 bytes)
Little hand doing big work!  You have GOT to love some of these decorations!
dsc03756.jpg (88979 bytes)
Looks like we're ready!
dsc03757.jpg (98169 bytes)
Tigress aloft!
dsc03758.jpg (106480 bytes)
Great flight!  Note how she built her parachute with the printed side UNDER the parachute.  Very interesting as you can see the printing from under the rocket as it is coming back down.  I love it!
dsc03759.jpg (89496 bytes)
You can see how the clouds are moving in.  This creates difficulties later in the day, but we're still flying!
dsc03760.jpg (78545 bytes)
And recovering!
dsc03761.jpg (89099 bytes)
Love it when they ham it up for the camera!
dsc03762.jpg (91567 bytes)
The more you ham it up, the better they fly!  Well, now, I have no data to support this, but it's a sound assumption.... LOL
dsc03763.jpg (95621 bytes)
All I know is that we got 2 perfect flights here, so...
dsc03764.jpg (86936 bytes)
The big and small of it all...
dsc03765.jpg (70866 bytes)
Yep, hers flew perfect too!
dsc03766.jpg (87351 bytes)
Going out to get it!
dsc03768.jpg (66628 bytes)
Now, if this isn't the cutest picture ever!
dsc03769.jpg (79987 bytes)
It's getting darker and it's getting harder to get good launch photo's, but we're trying!
dsc03770.jpg (84652 bytes)
Attention to detail is a most important lesson.
dsc03771.jpg (92483 bytes)
Ready to go and anxious to fly!
dsc03772.jpg (64064 bytes)
So, fly we do!
dsc03773.jpg (61330 bytes)
All day long, in fact!
dsc03774.jpg (88808 bytes)
She clearly likes pink!  So do I!
dsc03775.jpg (61331 bytes)
And so do the rocket-gods!
dsc03776.jpg (83720 bytes)
This is what being excited about rocketry is all about!
dsc03777.jpg (67405 bytes)
Yep, perfect launch, flight and...
dsc03778.jpg (43948 bytes)
dsc03779.jpg (42114 bytes)
Looks good coming down right over the launch table!
dsc03780.jpg (70086 bytes)
Dark rockets are playing havoc with the pictures! LOL
dsc03781.jpg (93721 bytes)
Enjoying the day!
dsc03782.jpg (66971 bytes)
And, for good reason too!
dsc03783.jpg (61243 bytes)
Oh yeah!  That's how it's done!
dsc03785.jpg (95136 bytes)
More excited rocketeers ready to go
dsc03786.jpg (48858 bytes)
Running a high speed shutter finally kicked me in the butt...
DSC03786a.jpg (53314 bytes)
I was able to lighten that photo up a bit but it was a few pictures before I changed settings resulting in brighter pictures, but more blur with the moving rockets...
dsc03787.jpg (54083 bytes)
Caught at the moment of ignition!
dsc03788.jpg (89469 bytes)
Last to for Mrs. Shute's class
dsc03789.jpg (81651 bytes)
Perfect is the best description!
dsc03790.jpg (67998 bytes)
Great way to finish the class!  Now for lunch!
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