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Mrs. Kane's class

Mrs. Kane's class was broken into 2 sessions.  We preped the rockets and got off a couple of launches before we ran out of time and finished during the 2nd half of their class, at the end of the day.
dsc03727.jpg (117531 bytes)
A bucket load of rockets!
dsc03728.jpg (115108 bytes)
This is what my "bucket list" would probably look like... LOL
dsc03729.jpg (99489 bytes)
Preping the parachutes
dsc03730.jpg (74471 bytes)
Everyone involved and the tables were a big help!
dsc03732.jpg (84653 bytes)
What a group!
dsc03733.jpg (106039 bytes)
first two up and ready to go!
dsc03734.jpg (88800 bytes)
Great launches, every one!
dsc03735.jpg (84407 bytes)
Great pix of a great flight!
dsc03736.jpg (115000 bytes)
Those waiting to fly decided to sit and watch the fuN!
dsc03738.jpg (103331 bytes)
We're ready, Mr. Flis!
dsc03739.jpg (85186 bytes)
Love these shots showing the launch crew in the background.
dsc03740.jpg (34023 bytes)
Great recovery after a great flight!
dsc03741.jpg (98573 bytes)
Last launch of the morning half
At this time the class adjourned and returned at the end of the day to be the last class to launch.
dsc03830.jpg (86771 bytes)
Oh yeah, we ready!
dsc03831.jpg (71941 bytes)
dsc03832.jpg (81034 bytes)
Trying to get them quick so they aren't moving too fast.  With the heavy overcast there's too much blur with a fast rocket!
dsc03833.jpg (88466 bytes)
dsc03834.jpg (33856 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc03835.jpg (71492 bytes)
dsc03836.jpg (85065 bytes)
Which camera should I be looking at!??!
dsc03837.jpg (75238 bytes)
Moment of ignition!
dsc03838.jpg (82717 bytes)
Moment of capture!
dsc03839.jpg (70124 bytes)
Into the wild blue yonder!
dsc03840.jpg (90865 bytes)
Polka dots rule the day!
dsc03841.jpg (101704 bytes)
And fly pretty darned nicely too!
dsc03842.jpg (80544 bytes)
The first (and only) rocket lost to the RET (Rocket Eating Tree)....  UGH!
dsc03843.jpg (93650 bytes)
Slight change of angle, and we're back to good recoveries
dsc03844.jpg (69360 bytes)
As can be seen here.
dsc03845.jpg (95260 bytes)
Love it when they are having fun!
dsc03846.jpg (92830 bytes)
Good burn!
dsc03847.jpg (69345 bytes)
Arrow straight!
dsc03848.jpg (96462 bytes)
Gotta love the red hair!  One natural, one not so much... :)
dsc03849.jpg (75390 bytes)
But they all fly well!
dsc03850.jpg (80669 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!
dsc03851.jpg (75760 bytes)
Whoops!  Step 29 there, fella... Yer supposed to tie those two parts together...
dsc03852.jpg (98690 bytes)
More fun at Pollard!
dsc03853.jpg (83862 bytes)
Nice burn!
dsc03854.jpg (68756 bytes)
Off we go!
dsc03855.jpg (82664 bytes)
Ready to fly, buddy?
dsc03856.jpg (79660 bytes)
Oh yeah!  I'm ready!
dsc03857.jpg (91775 bytes)
Me too!
dsc03858.jpg (90756 bytes)
Last two rocketeers of the class and of the day!
dsc03859.jpg (78175 bytes)
Good burn, great flight!
dsc03860.jpg (77225 bytes)
This marked our 993rd student flight in Plaistow, NH at Pollard Elementary School.  Simply incredible!
dsc03861.jpg (80794 bytes)
Great recovery too!  Now to plan for next year!
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