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Stopping at my brothers place in Schenectady we were greeted with this wonderful rainbow!
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For those who haven't met her, this is Snuggles, our travel companion :)  She's excited now, but before long she will miss home and our other pets.
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Here we are, all set up on day 1.  That's the food shack right along side us.  A good place for a booth!
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Flying began right away and didn't stop for the whole weekend!
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Typical crowd at the launch line, waiting for the pads to clear for the next set.
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This is Trip's L3 rocket (that's Trip with his back to us).  I missed the launch but see that many others got it, including video.  Very cool and congrats!
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The flight line as seen from near the launching area.
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Performance Hobbies and LOC, side by side.
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Our anniversary cake for this event was a big hit!  The artwork that our local bakery does is nothing short of amazing!
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One of many A.C.M.E. Spitfires we saw this weekend!  Missed the launch though...
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My Decaffeinator on the pad waiting her turn
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Someone had this small Saturn 1B on the pad.  Not sure whose it is, but it was nice looking!
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Decafe Away!  It was rather breezy at the time so I lightly tapped the tail of the glider to the fin, in the hopes that it would still break free.  I didn't, so the glider rode the rocket on the return trip... LOL
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Still climbing on a C11-3
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Up she goes!
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Deuce's Wild
takes to the air.  This is a bad angle, but if you look closely, you can see that both motors DID light.  Great fligths
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Nice looking air-to-air missile
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One of the proto type launches I got in this weekend.  This is the Tesla going up on a C6-3.  She weather cocked a bit in the wind, but otherwise had a fantastic flight!
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Ray launches his Celtic Thunder.  I was glad that he did as mine got damages and wasn't flyable...
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Upscale mosquito, the first of 5 on this rack
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Nice shot capturing the rocket, flags and the NAR banner!
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After retrieving his Deuce's Wild, he stays on to watch other launches
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AMW was our neighbor for the weekend!  With Robert as one of our other club vendors (CMASS), we tend to see a lot of each other during the flying season :)
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Nice V-2 takes to the air!
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This was the set-up table for the classic rocket contest.  Extra points were awarded if your model flew, so we got to see a LOT of real classic models take to the air.
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An overall view of the table early on Sunday
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Love this Enterprise model!
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Launch #2 of the Decaffeinator, with a D12-3.  Better flight as there was no wind so the glider detached pretty much as expected.
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Up, up and away!
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One of many Mars Landers to fly.  This one is the SEMROC version
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She looked good going up...
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And coming back down!
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Can't recall the kit name, but looks like a bat.
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USS Enterprise warps off!
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Such an eerie picture!  Reminds me of Star Trek TOS episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday"...
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Some incredible flights this weekend and the dead calm air was landing most of them right back in the field!
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Even got to see an original Centuri Little Joe II go up!  kewl!
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On her way with a D12-3!
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Now THIS thing got your attention!
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Couldn't resist the comparison.  Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum! LOL  I suggested that the saucer with the crayon nose would make a great booster for the Mean Machine!
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A collection of Mars Landers (stock, 1.6X and 2X upscales) getting ready for a drag race.
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I was able to get the Borealis up for a fantastic flight!
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Also the MTTM Just Past Due
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Perfect micro flight, much to the delight of everyone close enough to actually SEE it!
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Picture perfect flight for the Borealis too!
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Beautiful on the return as well.
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The Nell wow'ed the crowed.  I doubt many thought it would even fly, let along turn in such a perfect flight!
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Nice HPR Mercury Redstone!
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Another that really got  your attention!
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Lucky capture of my MTTM Aggie rocket.  This is a proto type for an idea for 1/8A competition.  Specifically, Marble Lofting.
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Now we have TWO Enterprises!
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Nice down shot of the Mars Lander.
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Beautiful Interceptor takes to the air.
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Someone launched a MTTM Dead Ringer.  These little buggars are hard to capture with the camera!
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Another perfect flight of a proto type, the K'TNG'A ship on a B6-4
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3rd and final flight of the Decaffeinator this weekend.  A drag race between two Decaffeinator's and a Boost Glider (on a pad far to the left).
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Liftoff!  The other one left the pad a moment later!
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Picture by Scott Turnbull of our two Decaffeinators.  It's cool cuz I never seem to get into any of the pictures LOL
decaf_drag.jpg (89911 bytes)
Another by Scott showing the two ready to go!
decaf_boost.jpg (32135 bytes)
Here is Scott's going gang busters!  Not sure of the motor.
decaf_boost2.jpg (17219 bytes)
One more by Scott showing the flight near the end of the burn.  Good stuff and thank you Scott for the pictures!
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Upscale Alpha looking good!
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Being an air museum, and Memorial Day, we were treated to many historic aircraft.  Very kewl!
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Punch it!
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Ok, my FIRST ever RMS launch (really!).  Robert (AMW) sponsored an E22 motor for this launch of the MAKO.  MAN did this thing scoot on an E22!  I set it for an 8 second delay but would change that to 6 seconds for future such flights.  Good stuff!
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The Pump-Nik turned in a beautiful flight!
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Ray's Rice Rocket turned in a beautiful flight too.
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Nearing the end of the weekend, we see an even larger Mosquito take to the air.
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With the dead air, gliders were popular this weekend.
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My last flight before we began packing for the trip home, my Nantucket Sound looks good going up...
dsc03474.jpg (22484 bytes)
And coming back.  It was a thing of beauty!
Many thanks to the folks who put all the work needed to pull of a very enjoyable NSL-2012!  FlisKits was proud to be able to participate and help out.  Now to prepare for NERRF, LDRS and NARAM! Going to be a busy summer!

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