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Gan Israel Summer Camp, Brighton, MA

For another year I was invited to provide a rocketry session to the boys and girls at the Gan Israel Summer Camp in Brighton, MA!

For this session we did the Whatchamacallit kit for the younger kids and the Triskelion for the older kids.  The course layout for these sessions is a bit challenging as we only have 2 real days of kit construction.  The way the schedule is broken up is I have all of the kids (girls in the morning and boys in the afternoon) on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday are half days where I have the girls one day and the boys the other.  On this (3rd day of building) we need to get the models painted so we only have Mon & Tues for actual construction.  We fly on Friday.

Add to this the fact that, due to the way the schedule works, one of the classes of younger kids is only 45 minutes long (all the others are 1 full hour).  This just means I need to get creative with the groups and what/how we do our build.  For example, for the older kids we are omitting the toothpick used in the Triskelion kit...

The kids have been simply WONDERFUL and I thank the counselors who are working with us for all their hard work.  Thanks also to the planners at Gan Israel for inviting me and providing such and interactive program to their summer camp kids!

This photo album is broken into two parts (Boys and Girls), for easy viewing.  If you see a picture of your child and want a full size (high resolution) version, just drop me an email and I will get it right out to you.  Be sure to include the photo file name so that I know which photo you are talking about!

Click on the photo album you wish to view and have fun!

Enjoy the photo album! 


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