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Girls bunks 3&4: Yellow
Girls bunk 5: Blue
Girls bunks 1&2: Green
dsc04868.jpg (69150 bytes)
And we begin!  The kids learn about applying glue and working with delicate parts as we assemble the Whatchamacallit kit.
dsc04870.jpg (74329 bytes)
The older kids are assembling the Triskelion kit and begin with the Engine Mount.
dsc04871.jpg (80046 bytes)
Everyone busy, examining their parts throughout the assembly
dsc04872.jpg (64270 bytes)
Proud as punch, she shows off her engine mount.
dsc04873.jpg (82945 bytes)
Seeing that, ALL the girls wanted to show off their progress! LOL
dsc04874.jpg (91149 bytes)
Back to work, the girls glue the fin tips onto the fins.
dsc04875.jpg (79190 bytes)
Not only learing about rockets, the girls are learning how to listen and follow instructions
dsc04876.jpg (69895 bytes)
A fin, assembled well!
dsc04877.jpg (81430 bytes)
Nearing the end of the class, all fins and engine mounts are done.
dsc04878.jpg (71168 bytes)
Finishing touches as we prepare to wrap up.
dsc04879.jpg (80170 bytes)
The next (3rd of 3) group is another young group with the Whatchamacallit kit.
dsc04880.jpg (63407 bytes)
Careful application of glue and the help of a counselor is a big help! 
dsc04881.jpg (79484 bytes)
Fin units and engine mounts complete, we wrap up for the day!
dsc04894.jpg (83369 bytes)
Day 2 our engine mounts and fin units are done and ready to be installed.
dsc04895.jpg (68567 bytes)
Some had more trouble than others, but all were able to do the tasks!
dsc04896.jpg (58678 bytes)
I guess I should explain that today was "Weird Hair Day"... LOL
dsc04897.jpg (67167 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc04898.jpg (75548 bytes)
Our first of 3 girls groups are done with their models!  Later this week we paint them!
dsc04899.jpg (67140 bytes)
With the engine mounts dry, we are ready to install them into the body tube.
dsc04900.jpg (91332 bytes)
At this point we have also attached the fins, using the provided Fin Alignment Jig.  This is a good time for the girls to assemble their parachutes.
dsc04902.jpg (75571 bytes)
Parachute assembly can be a most frustrating and time consuming task.  It involves tying a LOT of knots!
dsc04903.jpg (63010 bytes)
Here, our 3rd group installs their engine mounts
dsc04904.jpg (86863 bytes)
Finishing up, we attach the fin unit then tie it all together!
dsc04915.jpg (81787 bytes)
Gan Israel always has a nice selection of birds in the main lobby.  I love it!
dsc04916.jpg (58948 bytes)
Rockets ready for paint!  Group 1 is on the left and group 3 is on the right (group 2 (Triskelion kits) were stored in another room)
Today we begin with the older kids and the Triskelion kit
dsc04919.jpg (76135 bytes)
With a wide selection of colors, the kids get to work, using their imagination to brighten up their models!
dsc04920.jpg (81546 bytes)
The kids happily share their ideas with others.
dsc04921.jpg (86655 bytes)
Like an assembly line, it's all coming together!
dsc04922.jpg (82005 bytes)
Looking down, most have painted the nose cone and are moving on to the main body of the rocket.
dsc04923.jpg (77032 bytes)
Fun was had by all!
dsc04925.jpg (63721 bytes)
Some very nice looking paint schemes!
dsc04926.jpg (62404 bytes)
Including several patriotic themes.
dsc04927.jpg (73797 bytes)
One of my favorites!
dsc04924.jpg (81806 bytes)
Now on to the younger crowd!
dsc04928.jpg (65047 bytes)
Focused on their work!
dsc04930.jpg (81532 bytes)
These kids had as much fun as their older counterparts
dsc04931.jpg (84783 bytes)
Stripes!  I love stripes!
dsc04935.jpg (65721 bytes)
Another patriotic theme inspires them!
dsc04936.jpg (75593 bytes)
Ok, interesting way to paint your rocket...  Paint your HANDS first, then rub down the rocket... LOL
dsc04938.jpg (65897 bytes)
dsc04939.jpg (60949 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc04940.jpg (74040 bytes)
This is what I love to see.  A sea of rainbow color and imagination!
dsc04941.jpg (76060 bytes)
Of course, they certainly did a job on the table clothes! LOL
dsc04943.jpg (78146 bytes)
On to our last group of younsters.
dsc04944.jpg (81442 bytes)
Everyone has a plan!
dsc04945.jpg (86120 bytes)
Some use finesse while others use the brute force approach!
dsc04949.jpg (66196 bytes)
Detailing for a fine job.

With the models complete and painted, we now go out to fly them (Friday)!

dsc04968.jpg (69273 bytes)
My table set up for the pending rocketeers
dsc04970.jpg (97952 bytes)
I first have the kids install the motor then the recovery device.
dsc04971.jpg (97741 bytes)
Group shot of our first set of bunks to launch!
dsc04972.jpg (122673 bytes)
Each child had to put the model on the pad and hook up their igniter leads.
dsc04973.jpg (101225 bytes)
Then, in groups of 2, they would pose with their rockets before being instructed on how to launch them!
dsc04974.jpg (76465 bytes)
First launch of the day!
dsc04975.jpg (74211 bytes)
Quickly followed by #2
dsc04976.jpg (84748 bytes)
As sweet as can be!
dsc04977.jpg (67711 bytes)
And successful rocketeers too!
dsc04978.jpg (94363 bytes)
Launcher is on the far right (girl in pink) while the rest of the bunk looks on!
dsc04979.jpg (20296 bytes)
Great flight all the way up and back down!
dsc04980.jpg (72457 bytes)
Some of the youngest kids I've worked with this year!
dsc04981.jpg (69033 bytes)
And they all did such a WONDERFUL job!
dsc04982.jpg (55435 bytes)
Flight after flight.
dsc04983.jpg (96748 bytes)
dsc04984.jpg (62290 bytes)
dsc04985.jpg (69118 bytes)
Moment of ignition
dsc04987.jpg (107772 bytes)
Tiny fingers struggle with tiny clips
dsc04988.jpg (78178 bytes)
Lots of color, all arund!
dsc04989.jpg (61751 bytes)
Straight as an arrow!
dsc04990.jpg (62869 bytes)
Hard to see against the dark trees...
dsc04991.jpg (84694 bytes)
Tiny rockets and tiny rocketeers!
dsc04992.jpg (72635 bytes)
Big ambition!
dsc04993.jpg (65322 bytes)
Big success!
dsc04994.jpg (94601 bytes)
Our last student from this set of bunks
dsc04995.jpg (72913 bytes)
Another perfect flight!
dsc04996.jpg (63130 bytes)
I also launched my proto K'TNG'A for them.
dsc04997.jpg (29368 bytes)
Perfect launch and landing!
dsc04998.jpg (81601 bytes)
Ready to fly!
dsc04999.jpg (60391 bytes)
And fly, we do!
dsc05000.jpg (56142 bytes)
Up, up, and away!
dsc05001.jpg (97456 bytes)
More creative rockets ready to go
dsc05002.jpg (72450 bytes)
dsc05003.jpg (64135 bytes)
Another great flight!
dsc05004.jpg (78676 bytes)
Hamming for the camera.  I love it!
dsc05005.jpg (74097 bytes)
And another takes to the air
dsc05006.jpg (78854 bytes)
She's gotta run a bit faster to catch THAT rocket!
dsc05007.jpg (71611 bytes)
And away she goes!
dsc05008.jpg (109726 bytes)
Landing right back into the crowd!
dsc05009.jpg (109587 bytes)
Young and ambitious rocketeers!
dsc05010.jpg (79330 bytes)
Caught at the moment of ignition!
dsc05011.jpg (112813 bytes)
Nice launch with the crowd in the background
dsc05012.jpg (89675 bytes)
Don't look at my rocket!
dsc05013.jpg (63486 bytes)
Well it certainly flies great!
dsc05015.jpg (60882 bytes)
In fact, they ALL did!
dsc05016.jpg (97871 bytes)
Ok folks, two more down and only, well, about a million left to go! LOL
dsc05017.jpg (64196 bytes)
Climbing high!
dsc05018.jpg (69837 bytes)
Gotta love that exhaust smoke!
dsc05020.jpg (87500 bytes)
Posing pretty for the cam!
dsc05021.jpg (55514 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc05022.jpg (61016 bytes)
and recovery too!
dsc05023.jpg (56801 bytes)
Look at her go!
dsc05024.jpg (109322 bytes)
Presenting: "My Rocket"!
dsc05025.jpg (73150 bytes)
Nice flight!
dsc05026.jpg (57407 bytes)
Good burn!
dsc05027.jpg (112340 bytes)
Last group of girls, the Triskelion bunch!
dsc05028.jpg (86590 bytes)
Proud as can be, they're ready to fly!
dsc05029.jpg (66278 bytes)
More complex kit, more complex paint jobs, same successful flights!
dsc05030.jpg (61787 bytes)
Patriotic rockets are always fun to fly...
dsc05031.jpg (69589 bytes)
...and recover!  You can JUST see this bird coming back in the top right of the photo
dsc05032.jpg (87587 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc05033.jpg (67364 bytes)
And we have liftoff!
dsc05034.jpg (67528 bytes)
Good recovery!  Great excersize!
dsc05035.jpg (66670 bytes)
Caught at the moment of ignition!
dsc05036.jpg (78467 bytes)
Caught at the moment of landing! LOL
dsc05037.jpg (85439 bytes)
Poised and ready!
dsc05038.jpg (97871 bytes)
We have liftoff!
dsc05039.jpg (39002 bytes)
Perfect recovery.  You can even see the recovery wadding floating right near the rocket.
dsc05040.jpg (91447 bytes)
Ready to catch it too!
dsc05041.jpg (79210 bytes)
Good close up of the ignition
dsc05042.jpg (79959 bytes)
Good looking rockets!
dsc05043.jpg (66881 bytes)"
Up she goes!
dsc05044.jpg (65835 bytes)
Chasing it to the tree line, and got her back!
dsc05045.jpg (70197 bytes)
Another one takes to the air!
dsc05046.jpg (74311 bytes)
Friends and rockets!
dsc05047.jpg (59437 bytes)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF!
dsc05048.jpg (65535 bytes)
We have liftoff!
dsc05049.jpg (75998 bytes)
Having a good time!
dsc05050.jpg (78686 bytes)
Best when they fly right, and they ALL flew right!
dsc05051.jpg (77882 bytes)
Yep, the kids got their exercise today!
dsc05052.jpg (59371 bytes)
Great off the pad!
dsc05053.jpg (81298 bytes)
Her main squeeze!
dsc05054.jpg (73149 bytes)
Looking good off the pad!
dsc05055.jpg (81111 bytes)
Chasing it down
dsc05056.jpg (71627 bytes)
Another caught at the moment of ignition!
dsc05057.jpg (76746 bytes)
Our last launch for the girls bunks
dsc05058.jpg (66367 bytes)
And a perfect launch it was, too!
dsc05059.jpg (74789 bytes)
Everyone wanted to recover this one!
I had a wonderful time with the girls and look forward to bringing more rocketry fun to them next year!
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