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Boys bunks 1&2: Blue
Boys bunks 3&4: Yellow
Boys bunks 5&6: Green
dsc04883.jpg (71952 bytes)
With the older kids we dig right into the Triskelion kit
dsc04885.jpg (81140 bytes)
On day 1 we assemble the engine mount (tube with black rings on it) and attach the fin tips to the fins.
dsc04886.jpg (58533 bytes)
Finishing up for the day, we carefully align our fins on the provided cardboard sheet.
dsc04887.jpg (85250 bytes)
The younger kids (most of them seeing rocketry for the very first time) get to work on the Whatchamacallit Fin Unit after assembling the engine mount.
dsc04888.jpg (81793 bytes)
Full of energy, these kids keep me and the assisting counselors busy the whole hour!
dsc04889.jpg (80359 bytes)
As the hour draws to a close, kids are finishing up.
dsc04890.jpg (63028 bytes)
A late starter gets his fins marked before assembly can begin.
dsc04891.jpg (82173 bytes)
Our next group of younger kids get right to work on the fins.
dsc04892.jpg (81700 bytes)
Time to glue them up!
dsc04893.jpg (65572 bytes)
Finishing up the fins we will then move on to the engine mount.
dsc04909.jpg (73439 bytes)
The next day we begin with the younger kids as we finish the assembly of the Whatchamacallit by attaching the fins and installing the engine mount and recovery device.
dsc04910.jpg (79758 bytes)
They're starting to look like rockets now!
dsc04911.jpg (74653 bytes)
The older kids finish their models by first installing the engine mount and then placing the model onto the fin alignment jig to attach fins.
dsc04912.jpg (66227 bytes)
Fin attached, it is important to leave the model be so that the fins can dry properly.
dsc04951.jpg (79051 bytes)
On Thursday we painted our models!
dsc04952.jpg (82347 bytes)
The kids really enjoyed the painting part of this project.
dsc04953.jpg (76448 bytes)
The intensity was incredible at times!
dsc04954.jpg (80683 bytes)
A splash of color always helps!
dsc04955.jpg (96859 bytes)
Showing off their works of art!
dsc04956.jpg (88594 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc04957.jpg (72473 bytes)
A rainbow never looked so pretty!
dsc04958.jpg (77774 bytes)
Another angle showing off the bright colors and imagination
dsc04962.jpg (74974 bytes)
The next group shows just as much excitement and imagination as the first!
dsc04963.jpg (74453 bytes)
Looking over his work to see if he needs to add anything!
dsc04964.jpg (86418 bytes)
Trying to make decisions
dsc04965.jpg (87625 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc04967.jpg (69716 bytes)
Even the counselors got into it!

All of the boys (and girls) met on the last day to fly their rockets!  We had 100% success and only lost 2 to the trees.  Great job!

dsc05060.jpg (110446 bytes)
The older kids had to finish their parachutes before we could fly.  They then had to learn how to PACK their parachute for a safe recovery.
dsc05061.jpg (99188 bytes)
Asking if his motor is properly installed (it is), as these kids do ALL the work to get their models into the air!
dsc05062.jpg (94154 bytes)
Group shot of a proud pair of bunks!
dsc05063.jpg (80736 bytes)
Posing at the pad, in groups of 2, we get ready for our first launch of the boys bunks
dsc05064.jpg (65932 bytes)
And it's a good one!
dsc05065.jpg (85137 bytes)
dsc05066.jpg (65060 bytes)
Another great flight!
dsc05067.jpg (94315 bytes)
Proud rocketeers
dsc05068.jpg (78198 bytes)
The moment of ignition!
dsc05069.jpg (78789 bytes)
These rockets are slower off the pad so I catch a lot of them just inches up the launch rod!
dsc05070.jpg (89536 bytes)
Nice looking rockets!
dsc05071.jpg (81211 bytes)
And they fly as good as they look!
dsc05072.jpg (72030 bytes)
dsc05073.jpg (92048 bytes)
Proud as can be!
dsc05074.jpg (90388 bytes)
A counselor looks on (well, sorta...) as Big Red takes to the air!
dsc05075.jpg (90256 bytes)
Another "almost" catch!
dsc05076.jpg (58739 bytes)
Away we go!
dsc05077.jpg (79635 bytes)
Ready to fly
dsc05078.jpg (73928 bytes)
Here we go!
dsc05079.jpg (112815 bytes)
Does it LOOK like he's having fun??
dsc05080.jpg (68883 bytes)
Another perfect flight!
dsc05081.jpg (70610 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc05082.jpg (65310 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc05083.jpg (88210 bytes)
Perfect landing!
dsc05084.jpg (73075 bytes)
Start of another perfect flight!
dsc05085.jpg (88701 bytes)
Last Triskelion of the day!
dsc05086.jpg (43092 bytes)
Looks as good in the air as it does on the pad!
dsc05087.jpg (106489 bytes)
Our first group of younger boys prep their rockets for flight
dsc05088.jpg (87298 bytes)
dsc05089.jpg (51550 bytes)
Fast off the pad!
dsc05090.jpg (65495 bytes)
Yep, the Whatchamacallit can MOVE!
dsc05091.jpg (98388 bytes)
Two to go!
dsc05092.jpg (56880 bytes)
dsc05093.jpg (69842 bytes)
Nice close up
dsc05094.jpg (104204 bytes)
Small rocketeers, big dreams!
dsc05095.jpg (68505 bytes)
dsc05096.jpg (56504 bytes)
And WHOOSH again!
dsc05097.jpg (96668 bytes)
Can't wait!
dsc05098.jpg (71050 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc05099.jpg (53901 bytes)
Lookit her go!
dsc05100.jpg (98762 bytes)
Nice looking rockets!
dsc05101.jpg (67295 bytes)
They fly nice too!
dsc05102.jpg (79874 bytes)
RUN!  Good exercise 
dsc05103.jpg (41963 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc05104.jpg (98453 bytes)
Friends helping friends!
dsc05105.jpg (77706 bytes)
Nice exhaust cloud
dsc05106.jpg (88907 bytes)
Missed the rocket, but still a cool shot!
dsc05107.jpg (91662 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc05108.jpg (78868 bytes)
There she goes!
dsc05109.jpg (59559 bytes)
Up we go!
DSC05109crop.jpg (23099 bytes)
Close up of that last launch.  Very nice!
dsc05110.jpg (77895 bytes)
Are we ready?!  Of course we are!
dsc05112.jpg (48067 bytes)
Notice that we are angled into the wind to keep them out of the trees behind us
dsc05113.jpg (90386 bytes)
We cool!
dsc05114.jpg (68106 bytes)
dsc05115.jpg (27662 bytes)
A real screamer!
dsc05116.jpg (98351 bytes)
Looking good!
dsc05117.jpg (62358 bytes)
Away we go!
dsc05119.jpg (73041 bytes)
On a tail of fire!
dsc05120.jpg (83175 bytes)
One painted and one not
dsc05121.jpg (77333 bytes)
Looks good!
dsc05122.jpg (59894 bytes)
Even without paint!
dsc05123.jpg (69859 bytes)
Last student of this group, along with a counselor!
dsc05124.jpg (72729 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc05125.jpg (53270 bytes)
Not to be out done, the last student launch is picture perfect!
dsc05127.jpg (95450 bytes)
They may be small but they have BIG dreams!
dsc05128.jpg (72451 bytes)
And here is one of their dreams fulfilled!
dsc05129.jpg (72165 bytes)
And another!
dsc05130.jpg (81601 bytes)
Who ya gonna call?  The ROCKET GUYS!
dsc05131.jpg (74031 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc05132.jpg (73081 bytes)
dsc05133.jpg (76237 bytes)
Good looking rockets!
dsc05134.jpg (70612 bytes)
And they fly as well as they look!
dsc05135.jpg (72694 bytes)
Off she goes, into the wild blue yonder!
dsc05136.jpg (73239 bytes)
Come to papa!
dsc05137.jpg (84525 bytes)
Looks like we're ready!
dsc05138.jpg (69192 bytes)
You can see it is getting darker (rain is not far away...)
dsc05139.jpg (65605 bytes)
Still getting some pretty good pictures though
dsc05140.jpg (60272 bytes)
And the kids are still having a great time!
dsc05141.jpg (85989 bytes)
Looking like rocket scientist!
dsc05142.jpg (70626 bytes)
And their flights give them much needed experience!
dsc05143.jpg (79161 bytes)
Now THAT'S nice looking!
dsc05144.jpg (76620 bytes)
You can see the excitement in their eyes!
dsc05145.jpg (65669 bytes)
Another perfect flight!
dsc05146.jpg (50269 bytes)
Needless to say, we're having a great day of flying!
dsc05147.jpg (83350 bytes)
The smiles say it all!
dsc05148.jpg (73067 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc05149.jpg (61219 bytes)
Nearing the end of our day, we're still having a blast!
dsc05150.jpg (90668 bytes)
Proud as punch, these kids are!
dsc05151.jpg (60066 bytes)
And for good reason!
dsc05152.jpg (56816 bytes)
Lookit her go!
dsc05153.jpg (82253 bytes)
Looking just a bit nervous there...
dsc05154.jpg (61659 bytes)
But for no reason as they have perfect flights too!
dsc05155.jpg (68129 bytes)
Nice flight!
dsc05156.jpg (101277 bytes)
It's a special feeling when you fly your first model rocket!
dsc05157.jpg (69234 bytes)
It's a feeling of accomplishment!
dsc05158.jpg (32551 bytes)
Right into the sky!
dsc05159.jpg (92830 bytes)
Our last rocketeer of the day!
dsc05160.jpg (60818 bytes)
With yet another perfect flights!
dsc05161.jpg (99886 bytes)
At the end of the day I empty my pocket of all of the used igniters.  THIS is a sign of a GOOD day of flying!
This concludes our 2012 Gan Israel Summer Camp rocketry class!  I had a wonderful time and I hope all the kids did too!
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