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I made a point of bringing a nice selection of built models to show the kids.
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We quickly assembled the engine mount then marked the tube for fins.
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The kids learned the time-honored method of drawing a straight line down a round tube!
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By the end of the first session we had the engine mounts done, the tube marked for fins and some information about rocketry in general.
Week 2
For week 2 I goofed up and arrived an hour late!  I apologize to the group and want to tell you I was thrilled when I arrived to discover you working hard on the build and got quite well along!
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Here we have Cam (seated on the left) showing his taping job to hold on the fins.  This is when I decided to teach the group about the "Double Glue" method of fin attachment.
0507122020.jpg (75084 bytes)
With some choosing to use just 3 fins on the Rhino there arose an excess of fins which one creative scout put to good use!
0507122028.jpg (84228 bytes)
By the end of the evening most had all of their fins attached.  We made the decision to put off the launch and use next week for a final build day.  More next week!
Week 3
No goof up's this week!  Everyone got right into it and those who had missed last week were able to get caught up.
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Ok, here we go!  Some are further along than others, but all are getting the job done!
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Parents were a great help, especially with the parachutes!
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Nearing completion, the kids fold and pack their 'chutes while trying not to knock off their fins!
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And we are DONE!  This is what a proud group of rocketeering scouts looks like!
Sending the kids home to paint their models, we had about 4 weeks from the build before we could fly.
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Quite a different look after some paint!
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First up!
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It was late evening and the fast shutter I prefer resulted in some dark photo's.  Time to back off a bit on speed...
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A bit better but more blur.  This is called a trade off!
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This gives you an idea of just how small a field we were flying in!
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Dressed and undressed, as it were...
dsc04041.jpg (61164 bytes)
Moment of ignition!
dsc04042.jpg (61029 bytes)
Following hot on his heels!
dsc04043.jpg (85045 bytes)
And we're ready for launch!
dsc04044.jpg (64532 bytes)
dsc04045.jpg (35990 bytes)
Perfect on the way up AND on the way down!
dsc04046.jpg (71895 bytes)
Another great flight!
dsc04047.jpg (77790 bytes)
Smiles were the rule of the day!
dsc04048.jpg (64634 bytes)
Just wish there had been more light for this picture!  I love it!
dsc04049.jpg (51559 bytes)
Wooooo  dark rocket, dark back ground, low light, fast motion...  Tough on the photographer... LOL
dsc04050.jpg (80013 bytes)
The group awaits their turn at the pads!
dsc04051.jpg (85300 bytes)
Next up features the most extreme fin orientation yet!
dsc04052.jpg (60030 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc04053.jpg (35702 bytes)
Perfect, near field recovery!
dsc04054.jpg (53375 bytes)
Another perfect flight!
dsc04055.jpg (87849 bytes)
A purple Rhino! COOL!  And Cam's A.C.M.E. Spitfire ready to go!
dsc04056.jpg (70627 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc04057.jpg (75202 bytes)
Not so much on the ACME.  A very hot ejection charge stripped the nose cone and parachute from the rocket and the remainder came into the ground balistic..  NO DAMAGE!  New nose cone and she'll be ready for flight again!
dsc04058.jpg (80845 bytes)
Flying naked, as it were...
dsc04059.jpg (69755 bytes)
Notice the increase blur with the slower shutter...
dsc04060.jpg (53329 bytes)
There she goes!
dsc04061.jpg (79970 bytes)
Our last group rocket ready to go!
dsc04062.jpg (67656 bytes)
and we have LIFT OFF!
dsc04063.jpg (88815 bytes)
Cam preps his Thunderbird for flight
dsc04064.jpg (79870 bytes)
That was it for the Merrimack Troop 401 rocket session.  I hope these kids had as much fun as I did!  Special thanks to Cam for helping to put this all together!
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