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Model Rocket build and launch session

It seems that my work at the Academy for Science and Design is desired and respected as they have asked me to return for yet another session!  We were originally looking to do two groups, intermediate and experienced.  Our goal here was to continue to move the kids forward and to make sure that kids who have already done some rocketry with me are met with new challenges to keep them interested.

However, we only had 2 kids sign up for the advanced program.  This concerned me until I discovered the reason.  It seems that the older kids (the ones who did the intermediate program from the last session) were preparing for the end of the school year and had to focus their energies on things like scholastic work, grades, tests and studies.  Now THAT'S dedication!

So, we decided to run an intermediate program and include anyone (beginners too) who wanted to join.  Normally I wouldn't allow beginners into a more advance program, but we also had the two advanced kids signing up so I knew I would have some help.  With the number of weeks we have, in addition to the help provided by the more advanced kids, we have no problems bringing the newer kids up to speed in understanding the little nuances of model rocketry construction.  They've all been a great help and a joy to teach.

We have about 7 weeks with 90 minutes per class.  This gives us enough time to go over some more of the science of what makes rockets work to including painting and some level of detailing as well.  This session will be building the D-Nelson Tomahawk kit.  Things the kids will learn with this kit include tracing and cutting of fins from balsa stock, cutting and forming paper shrouds, cutting body tubes and sealing tube ends and more.

As of this writing, we have joined the two body tubes, formed and attached the paper shroud and attached the fins to the fin tubes.  We should finish the assembly next week and make plans for painting.  Parents are encouraged to contact me should they want a high resolution picture of their child from this photo album.

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.

Enjoy these photo albums!  


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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