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This session the kids are building the D-Nelson Tomahawk.  Our group is made up of beginners, intermediate and experienced rocketeers.  Should be a great group!
dsc02865.jpg (70778 bytes)
Kids begin by marking their tubes for the fins.
dsc02866.jpg (94105 bytes)
Most are experienced rocketeers at this point.  Those who aren't, are taught by those who ARE.
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It's a great help to me and to all of the students as well!
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Here the kids are learning the hows and whys of sanding the glassine surface of body tubes.
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In our more advanced classes (such as this) there is much more discussion about steps among students.
photo03.jpg (64979 bytes)
Not to mention the occasional "Oh! he has a camera!" kinda shot... LOL
photo04.jpg (69505 bytes)
One of our more experienced students, though I had to caution him against holding the tube in his hand as he cut it...
photo05.jpg (72471 bytes)
Cutting tubes is a requirement of this kit and a valuable skill to know in the world of model rocketry!
Next week we will begin attaching fins!
dsc03171.jpg (100670 bytes)
Fins and tubes all cut and shaped (bottom of pix), we form the paper shroud for the forward tube.
dsc03172.jpg (58149 bytes)
With kids working at different speeds, we have some finishing up the cutting of their fins.
dsc03173.jpg (109887 bytes)
And every class has one... hiding the fake "Elmers fake skin" he applied to the back of his right hand...  with that look that says "wut?  I ain't done nothin'!"
dsc03174.jpg (75829 bytes)
Shrouds formed, we glue the lower (BT-20) tube into the upper (BT-55 tube)
dsc03175.jpg (85388 bytes)
Everyone working towards a common end.
dsc03176.jpg (77808 bytes)
Getting ready to finish up for the day.
Although not shown, we got the fins glue to the fin tubes and we got the paper shrouds attached as well.  Next week we finish the fin attachment and complete the model!
dsc03182.jpg (85110 bytes)
Attaching the launch lugs.  This young man took his time and put perfect airfoils on all of his fins and stand offs.  He did an incredible job!
dsc03183.jpg (72701 bytes)
Everyone working on final assembly.  The young man on the left had missed a couple of classes and is working to catch up.  The added problem is that this is his first rocketry class!
dsc03290.jpg (94301 bytes)
At this stage of the assembly, nearly everyone is at a different point, depending on their experience and how much work they want to put into the LOOK of the model.
dsc03291.jpg (84023 bytes)
Yep, he realized that this helps assure he will get into the photo album.. LOL
dsc03294.jpg (93916 bytes)
Eye-balling to assure the launch lugs are aligned.
dsc03295.jpg (85027 bytes)
Finishing up the fins in preparation of attaching them to the model.
dsc03296.jpg (84391 bytes)
When all is said and done, WE'RE DONE!
dsc03484.jpg (88385 bytes)
One week later, we rejoin and I get to see the painted models.  These kids did an incredible job!
dsc03485.jpg (59384 bytes)
We only had about 50 minutes before we had to give the field up to the baseball team, so we got right to it!
dsc03486.jpg (48876 bytes)
This is the model with the airfoiled fins.  Arrow straight flight and safe return!
dsc03488.jpg (41489 bytes)
All of the models did incredible well.  Everyone should be quite proud of themselves!
dsc03489.jpg (61779 bytes)
Next pair up!
dsc03490.jpg (47129 bytes)
Because it was a dead calm, we went with a larger motor (B6-4 instead of A8-3) and we were well rewarded for our efforts!
dsc03491.jpg (68167 bytes)
Everything landing within a short walk of the pads!
dsc03492.jpg (60532 bytes)
With the heavy overcast skies, I wasn't sure how well the pictures would come out.  Pretty good, actually!
dsc03494.jpg (59583 bytes)
With higher flights and very slow recoveries, the kids couldn't resist the urge to catch'em when they could!
dsc03495.jpg (61430 bytes)
I was very impressed with the paint jobs.  That one on the left was one of my favorites!
dsc03496.jpg (48159 bytes)
And it flew as good as it looked!
dsc03498.jpg (88364 bytes)
He clearly did NOT want this model touching the ground! 
dsc03499.jpg (80060 bytes)
Nice shot from a different position.  The launcher is the boy in black, at the launch table.  Kids on the left and parents on the right.
dsc03500.jpg (62863 bytes)
Next up we have one flying naked and one with paint!
dsc03501.jpg (43564 bytes)
Even naked, these models perform very well!
dsc03502.jpg (51569 bytes)
And away we go!
dsc03503.jpg (63294 bytes)
The one on the left didn't have launch lugs attached.  We attached them with tape, but clearly needed to do a better job.  Right after this pix was taken, we fixed *that* problem!
dsc03504.jpg (61298 bytes)
And it worked!  Of course, as I explained, he now needs to GLUE those lugs in place!
dsc03505.jpg (43081 bytes)
Perfect flight from the bright orange one too!
dsc03506.jpg (59952 bytes)
The young man on the right has been to many of my classes.  As you can see by the smiles, everyone was having FUN!
dsc03507.jpg (44948 bytes)
Heck, even the ROCKETS were having fun!
dsc03508.jpg (55789 bytes)
We had launched these out of order because we had a bad igniter in this one.  All fixed though!
dsc03509.jpg (71716 bytes)
Nearing the end, the young lady on the right was the only girl in this session and produced another of the very cool paint jobs.
dsc03510.jpg (50799 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
dsc03512.jpg (84165 bytes)
Ok, now THIS was funny...  The rocket drifted out over the parking lot as the baseball team was approaching.  I think it was the left fielder who caught it...  He's ready for today's game!  Glad we could help!
dsc03513.jpg (55913 bytes)
Another of many perfect flights!
dsc03514.jpg (60015 bytes)
Our last launch of the day.  We had fin problems that we tried to fix.
dsc03515.jpg (48396 bytes)
Boost looks great but we lost a fin during boost.  We're going to fly this one again, during our next session.
That's it for the rocket building/launching parts of this class.  We have one more meeting next week and we will go over design considerations and learn more about stability and construction techniques.

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