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Our booth on Friday night.  We had very little traffic, but great company from the other booth folks
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On Saturday we were set up in a large room that would double as our classroom for the days rocket building.
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The extra large tables allowed us to display our entire inventory for easy viewing.
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Along with a nice display area so folks could see built kits.
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I also set up a small table just outside the room so folks would know we were there.
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Walking around the center, I was impressed with the number and quality of the displays.
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Great mock-up of a Mercury capsule!
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I would have loved to have been here when they moved the jet inside!
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Loved this painting of Alan Shepards lunar mission.  It shows him swinging his golf club and, if you look closely, you can see the golf ball in the upper right...
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Out side there are all sorts of telescopes set up for people to take advantage of.
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The people not only got to use them, they learned about the different types and HOW they are best used.  Good stuff.
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Just before the beginning of the day on Saturday, we got our banner hung at the end of the hall, at our room.
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We had one building session with about 13 families (just prior to this I hosted an "Intro to Rocketry" session in this room.
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Kids, young and old, work on their rockets, sometimes with the help of a parent.
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It was fun watching everyone dig into this project!
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The best was watching the close interaction between parent and child.
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Some times the parent would show the child how to do the step.  Other times they would have to do it for them, and other times they would just watch their child do the work.
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At the end everyone had a Whatchamacallit rocket, ready for flight!
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Well, ALMOST ready.  We kept them in the room for a couple of hours before launching, to allow the glue to dry.
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Proud rocketeers ancious for flight!
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We had a couple of families come to the session late and finished after the others had left.  The smiles were just as big though, once they finished!
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This is how it looks after a good build session!
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We had to delay our launch for a few minutes as the Black Hawk needed to get airborne and back to base.
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First up, all smiles!
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And for good reason too!
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With the light wind, nobody had to go far for their models.
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She came all prepared with her own flight suit!
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And, fly she did!
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With near field recovery, this flight is a success!
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Even "Heart Breakers" love to fly rockets!
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Focusing on hooking up the clips.  These kids did ALL the work!
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Happy faces for rocketry fun.  Unfortunately, I missed the launch shot!
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Small person, big dreams!
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Dreams realized!
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Attention to detail gets the job done every time!
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Yep, I do this for the smiles!
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Joe Cool has nothing on this young rocketeer!
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Moving cardboard at over 100 MPH.  How cool is that??
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Every rocket landed near the launch pads.  It was great!
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Bat Girl?  Love the face painting :)
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And away she goes!
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A smile to last a million years!
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Even bigger smiles after a successful launch!
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Even the older kids had a ball!
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And did a great job too!
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If I remember correctly, this young man built a Whatchamacallit in another class of mine.
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And STILL had a great time building and flying!

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