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Display showing the models that were provided by members of CMASS.  My Saturn 1B is there in the lower center, under the glass dome.
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Wall display showing Goddard and some of his inventions
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Photo of Goddard at age 8 along with the postage stamp in his honor
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Shot of my Goddard Nell rocket hanging from the ceiling
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Class begins (well, the first one, anyway!) as dad's and mom's help their kids build their very first rocket!
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Dads figure out the fins first, then show their kids.
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Letting the kids do most of the work is key to their understanding of how these kits go together.
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Our museum director looks on
dsc00968.jpg (87230 bytes)
Mom explains a step to her son.
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The large room was full of excited kids and helpful parents.
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Nearly done!
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During a break I got these photo's of the signage outside the museum
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Love the graphic!
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At the end of the two sessions we had a couple of tables just FULL of Whatchamacallit kits!
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Out on the range, most everyone chose to stay in the shade to prepare their rockets for flight.
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A large group (nearly 40 in all) pose for a group shot!
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First two up and we are ready to start flying!
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I got VERY few launch shots today.  Frankly my shutter finger was slow and I got mostly smoke trails (very unusual for me...)
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But at least the parents get to see their kids with their rockets!
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Nimble fingers attach the micro clips
dsc00989.jpg (85797 bytes)
Kewl!  A rocket!
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And we have LIFTOFF!
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Yep, these kids had FUN!
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Parents and siblings did as well!
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Took a while to get used to hooking up the clips
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But in the end, all succeeded!
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One of our smallest rocketeers!
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If you look closely, you can see the rocketeer (behind the smoke trail) pushing the launch button!
dsc01001.jpg (87946 bytes)
Gotta love the pose!
dsc01002.jpg (100723 bytes)
Everyone follows the path of the rocket, from start to finish!
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More rockets ready to fly!
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We were able to get every model into the air and recovered safely!
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All of these kids did a WONDERFUL job!
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Typical smoke trail picture for this day, but the position behind the rocketeer is great.
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Seeing the excitement in the young rocketeer makes the work all worthwhile!
dsc01014.jpg (82558 bytes)
Explaining something to his friend.
dsc01016.jpg (91261 bytes)
The girls got involved as well!
dsc01019.jpg (89846 bytes)
Dang!  He's nearly as naked as his rocket! LOL
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Having never done this before, the kids were a bit nervous hooking up the clips.  With me standing there making "sparking" noises certainly didn't help... LOL
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All is well though, and another pair is ready to go!
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Cute as bugs in a rug!
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"Let's go fly some rockets!", my statement to every pair of kids right after getting the posed photo!
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Nearing the end of our day.  The crowd has thinned out but enthusiasm remains high!
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My final descent launch photo.  Man, it was a great day for flying, not so much for picture taking... LOL
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The last two of the day.  I think everyone had a great time!
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Little hands waiting to press the BIG button!
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Finger on the launch button, we have the last launch of the day!
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