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Sant Bani Rocketry

Model rocketry at Sant Bani is nothing new, but we used the opportunity to bring some new techniques and ideas into the program.

We began building the Thing-a-ma-Jig.  This gave the class exposure to model rocketry and the various common components and materials.  This also gave ME a chance to see just what these kids already knew and what they could do with regard to building and following instructions.

We followed that up with a competition egg lofting model called the Emu (not yet in production).  This gave the kids exposure to things like forming shrouds, tracing and cutting fins and other more complex model building techniques.

We sprinkle in, throughout the 4 days of building, lessons in how a model rocket works, stability and math (in calculating the height of a rockets flight).  I also made a point of bringing in various show-n-tell models each day to show them the wide variety available in the sport of model rocketry.  The high point, for me, was when I wore my "Stable T-shirt" and ALL of the kids knew right away what it meant.

During the week we built the tools needed to measure the elevation angle for calculating the rockets apogee.  On Friday we went out to launch early in the period.  We first flew the Emu.  Since we didn't have access to eggs, we used Easter plastic eggs filled with water.  We also measured the altitude and recorded our findings.  After the launch we retired to the classroom to reduce our data and see how high each model went.  Due to the wide array of building skills, we actually had a wide range of altitude differences, which was good to see.  After that we prepped our Thing-a-ma-Jig models for a launch at the end of the class (when parents, family and friends would be available) and went out for our second launch in one day!  

All in all, everything went perfectly and the kids (and myself) had a great time!

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Enjoy the photo album! 


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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