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dsc01204.jpg (82985 bytes)
Engine mount complete, we now are working on the Thing-a-ma-Jig Jig-Tech fin unit.
dsc01205.jpg (94652 bytes)
Testing the assembly without glue at first, they then add glue and complete the assembly
dsc01206.jpg (77424 bytes)
Glue application
dsc01208.jpg (93408 bytes)
The bane of many a rocketeer, the parachute!
dsc01215.jpg (87907 bytes)
With the engine mount installed, we pack the chutes up and install them into the models.
dsc01217.jpg (78272 bytes)
As bad as parachute assembly seems to be, the packing of all of the shock lines and cords tends to task the kids even more!
dsc01218.jpg (81129 bytes)
Everyone has their own best technique for this task!
dsc01220.jpg (66912 bytes)
Proud of their first rocket assembly!
dsc01221.jpg (79719 bytes)
Within minutes of finishing the Thing-a-ma-Jig, we move on to the Emu and begin by cutting out the large body shroud
dsc01222.jpg (79460 bytes)
I emphasized the need, with this model, of careful cutting and gluing and taking their time.
dsc01223.jpg (81366 bytes)
Here they are learning the technique of getting a curl into a shroud by rubbing on the underside of the table
dsc01224.jpg (86025 bytes)
Not really a difficult technique, but one that takes practice.
dsc01233.jpg (66825 bytes)
With the main body formed, the kids now cut out and form the inner body shroud.
dsc01235.jpg (75396 bytes)
Next up is tracing, then cutting the fins from the thin plywood supplied with the kit.
dsc01236.jpg (80435 bytes)
These kids did very well with some very complex steps!
dsc01237.jpg (77420 bytes)
Andrew, when not needed for rocketry, works on Lego stuff for tomorrow.  Andrew is an accomplished TARC competitor as well!
dsc01238.jpg (84799 bytes)
Back to making parachutes for the second day!
dsc01239.jpg (88670 bytes)
Yeah, by now they are getting tired of these things too... LOL
dsc01240.jpg (76929 bytes)
Overall view of the science lab.  You can see today's show-n-tell models in the foreground.
dsc01241.jpg (78901 bytes)
We had extra time on Thursday so we decided to get some paint on the Thing-a-ma-Jig models!
dsc01242.jpg (69896 bytes)
This was the most fun for the kids (who doesn't like to paint??)
dsc01243.jpg (72626 bytes)
Everyone was getting into it!
dsc01245.jpg (76751 bytes)
And the results speak for themselves.  Wonderful!
dsc01262.jpg (91646 bytes)
Out on the range, the kids learn how to prepare an egg lofting model for flight!
dsc01263.jpg (102284 bytes)
Proud egg lofter display their models, ready for flight!
dsc01264.jpg (104790 bytes)
First up, hooking up the clips.  We have one classmate 200 feet away ready to take readings on altitude.
dsc01265.jpg (91780 bytes)
Hooking up the clips proves a challenge, but not that hard.
dsc01266.jpg (97809 bytes)
Ready to go!
dsc01267.jpg (112123 bytes)
We even have our own "peanut gallery" as other students look on.
dsc01268.jpg (62089 bytes)
First flight turned out to also be the best of the day!
dsc01269.jpg (33094 bytes)
Start to finish, simply perfect!
dsc01270.jpg (40348 bytes)
Second flight was marginally stable due to a bad fin joint.
dsc01271.jpg (87466 bytes)
Proud of his work and happy to be flying!
dsc01272.jpg (70107 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc01275.jpg (93428 bytes)
The last two ready with their rockets.
dsc01276.jpg (68802 bytes)
One good flight...
dsc01277.jpg (74454 bytes)
...after another!
dsc01278.jpg (85324 bytes)
Back to the classroom, we take our NAR safety test!
dsc01279.jpg (73533 bytes)
You could easily tell who read the literature and who didn't.  I think some of them thought I was kidding about a test! LOL
dsc01280.jpg (77377 bytes)
Back to work as we prepare our Thing-a-ma-Jig models for flight.
dsc01281.jpg (75096 bytes)
They're getting good at packing that chute!
dsc01282.jpg (87371 bytes)
Nearly ready to go.
dsc01283.jpg (97847 bytes)
Proud and excited rocketeers ready to fly
dsc01284.jpg (76338 bytes)
First two up!
dsc01285.jpg (66473 bytes)
We had 100% perfect success with the Thing-a-ma-Jig flights!
dsc01286.jpg (89835 bytes)
Up and down, it was all good!
dsc01287.jpg (40224 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc01288.jpg (82640 bytes)
More hamming it up for the camera!
dsc01289.jpg (44550 bytes)
But for good reason!
dsc01290.jpg (53364 bytes)
dsc01291.jpg (96136 bytes)
This one landed very close to the launch area.  You can see family and friends on the hill.
dsc01292.jpg (77926 bytes)
Last student flight of the day (and for the program)
dsc01293.jpg (45338 bytes)
Great flight too!
dsc01294.jpg (54269 bytes)
As a bonus, I flew the Decaffeinator on an E9-4 motor.
dsc01295.jpg (35566 bytes)
Perfect flight and recovery, much to the delight of everyone present!
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