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To begin, the kids make themselves familiar with the unique parts that comprise a Lego Robotics set
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We start off building a simple car type of vehicle that can be programmed to go forward and backward. 
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Some techniques were interesting
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Some were cool looking, though not that practical
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I am looking forward to when we go on to transmissions :)
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Cars are coming together now, as the day draws late.
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Some have been built and programmed.  That often means a trip back to the table for some minor re-design.
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Simple enough and we have enough time left over to just play with ideas
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These kids were right at home in front of the computer and, even though not familiar with Robo-Lab, they figured it out very quickly!
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On to the more complex task of a car that can perform specific functions using sensors (touch and/or light)
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One proud team!  They were the first to get a car built that followed the tasks goal (go forward full speed until it sees the black paper, then slow to a crawl while crossing the paper, then speed back up for 2 seconds, turn and go for another 2 seconds before coming to a stop.)
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A close up shows their design.  They were also the first (and only) to design with the tank treads which gave them much more control over speed and turning.
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Heck, theirs would even climb steep hills!
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Back in the computer lab the kids are making corrections to programming problems.
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Everyone got a chance to run the software and download their programs
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We had the display set up in the lab so that we could show the whole class how to perform certain functions.  When available, one of the teams used it to program their own projects.
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We mixed up the teams every so often, so the kids would experience working with others, and they worked very well together.
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My wonderful helper, Andrew!  (former and current Lego Robotics competitor)
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There's always at least one ham in the class!
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Working hard on the crane project using a custom designed transmission for the basket
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As with the tank track driven car, this team got the first crane to work too!
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Here's the team that worked the hardest (the two on the left).  Wonderful job!
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Great team, hard working and a lot of fun!
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Sharing programming duties was a big part of any teams success
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