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All ready for the first 2 classes, I have the motors out (A8-3) as well as the igniters and plugs separated and ready to go!
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Class 1 of 4.  Beautifully built and finished Thing-a-ma-Jig models ready to show their stuff!
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The kids prep their parachutes.  I think they were rather surprised at having to do all of the prep work themselves.  I explained at the very beginning that I was just a spectator today...
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Some understood and did the job quickly, some needed help.  In the end, all of the parachutes were carefully folded and inserted into the models!
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Of course, there was the matter of all of those strings, lines and cords to deal with now...
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Lastly we inserted the igniters into the motors and installed the motors into the models.
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First done is the first to cheer!
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Going to the launch pad in pairs, the first two kids pose with their models.
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From start to finish, we had a great day of perfect flights...
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...and great recoveries!
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Buds in the world of aerospace!
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They clearly know what they are doing too, as is evident by this perfect boost!
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and a hands-on approach to recovery too!
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Little hands, high hopes!
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Proud of their work, they await the order to launch!
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We have ignition!
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The Thing-a-ma-Jig has cleared the launch tower!
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We have visual on the capsule!
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we cool
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5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
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A spectator looks on as recovery is close at hand.
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I missed the next launch but got a good recovery shot!
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Anything boys can do, I can do better!  I can do anything better than them!
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Hey!  Look at MY camera, not your teachers!
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Missed the launch shot, but recovery was right in the launch area!
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Great shot showing the Launch Officer (center of table in black t-shirt) along with the rest of the class looking on.
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Perfect timing on recovery!
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This years group sported some of the most colorful rockets ever!
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Kids discover that the louder you count down the higher it DOES fly! (well, not really, but it was fun!)
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I got you, my pretty!
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What'd'ya say, after the launch we go back to the luau.
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Off we go, into the wild blue (gray?) yonder!
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Tie-dye and guitars, a rocker group!
NOTE: While trying to get these launches off the launch controller failed.  With the class running late and the next class ready to go I spent a few minutes trying to trouble shoot it.  I finally decided, to get things moving again, to strip wires from a spare cord and created a quick set up such that I would touch a wire to a contact in a cord hooked up to the battery.  For this reason, I performed the rest of the launches for this and the next class and could not get any launch pictures...
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Our last of the first class.
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The second class is primed and ready to learn the next phase of model rocketry, LAUNCHING!
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With the modified cord set we could only do one pad at a time.  The following pictures shows each student with their rocket, but no launch pix.  I did capture a few recovery pix though!
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Lacrosse and rocketry, what a combination!
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One of the most difficult parts for many kids is getting the micro clips to cooperate... LOL
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Are we having fun, yet??
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A great launch with recovery in the infield!
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I love the creative paint jobs on these rockets!
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Thumbs up for a great time!
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The smiles were contagious today!
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Focus.  FOCUS...!
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2009 State Champ is now a rocketeer!
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Masking tape on a broken fin holds it in place while the glue does its job.
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Yeah, these kids had a great time.  So did I!
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hhmmm, Sport basketball, sport baseball, sport football, sport soccer and now, sport rocketry!
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Good recovery was the rule of the day!  We didn't loose a SINGLE rocket!
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Holding the fin to keep the darned thing from spinning around as he hooks up the clips.
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He got his color scheme from his t-shirt, I'm guessing...
p1010086.jpg (73660 bytes)
The name is Bond.  James Bond.
p1010087.jpg (56588 bytes)
Dive! Dive! DIVE!
p1010088.jpg (81422 bytes)
I love the color add with the green nose cone.
p1010089.jpg (71668 bytes)
Great positioning, just waiting for the rocket to drop into his hands.
p1010090.jpg (69550 bytes)
The "Food" rocket.  Meant to help the hungry or a clue for rocket eating trees...?
p1010091.jpg (92762 bytes)
Great landing right in the diamond!
p1010092.jpg (91507 bytes)
Miss Pink Sleeves focuses on her finger tips as she hooks up the clips!
p1010093.jpg (77873 bytes)
Polka dots rule today!
p1010094.jpg (63546 bytes)
Camo kid and Easter egg rocket!  What a combo!
p1010095.jpg (74155 bytes)
Polka dot splatter looks good!
p1010096.jpg (47525 bytes)
Close up showing the clips hooked up to the igniter.
p1010097.jpg (68814 bytes)
Aeropostal...   ...Is this a MAIL rocket??
p1010099.jpg (87467 bytes)
p1010100.jpg (51506 bytes)
Well, this picture is a bit fuzzy.  Kinda like his hair!
p1010101.jpg (68929 bytes)
Even their teacher got into the fun with her own rocket!
p1010102.jpg (57793 bytes)
With a great near-field landing too!
After the 2nd class I had a 2 hour lunch until the next 2 classes.  I used this time to open up the controller box to see what I could do.  The launch switch was toast but the continuity switch was still working.  Some quick snips of wire, a little tape and I had it re-wired so that the continuity switch was the launch switch, though we were no longer able to check continuity.
p1010103.jpg (84906 bytes)
Class #3 rev'ed and ready to go!
p1010104.jpg (97603 bytes)
Packing parachutes was our first task.  We then preped and installed the motor!
p1010105.jpg (82853 bytes)
With the repaired controller, we are able to return to the 2-pad format to keep things moving more quickly.
p1010106.jpg (55448 bytes)
And we're back to flying!
p1010107.jpg (63748 bytes)
Caught at the moment of ignition!
Ok, this has been a rough day...  With the launch controller all fixed it looked like we were ready to finish the day out in style.  After this last launch my camera batteries died...  I was able to get one more pix and saved that for the group shot for class #4 (below).  Sorry about that!
p1010108.jpg (90172 bytes)
Class #4 was the loudest group (FUN!) and also seemed to have the most problem with their parachutes!  All launched and landed safely and all had a great time!
I apologize for the problems encountered with the controller and my camera.  The good news is that the school had a photographer out there for the whole day and I am sure that she got some great photos!
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