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As I approached the field I could see the large group of excited scouts, parents and leaders.
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I missed the first few launches as I arrived late, but got a couple of quick recovery shots.
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Here a doo-Dad just misses the trees!
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They had 2 pads and 2 lines of scouts moving through
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Parents and scout leaders helped the kids get their rockets on the pad and ready to launch.
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And we have LIFTOFF!
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With the large crowd, the best place for me was out beyond the pads.  This afforded me the opportunity to get some great shots that included the young rocketeers!
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Standing in line, waiting their turn.  You can see that the whole family was involved and included, as we see some young girls with their rockets as well!
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And, of course, it fell to the parents to get the streamers repacked after the launch... LOL
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Who says rocketry isn't excersize??
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A bird in the air!
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Looks like a holiday themed rocket as this one reminds me of a candy cane!
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The thing I love about rocket launches is that everything is looking up!
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With near perfect weather we had a near perfect launch.
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Rockets of every color and decoration you could imagine!
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Here's a close up of one that made good use of stickers.
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Scout leaders helped hold the safety key in as the kids got to launch their own rockets.
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Many different rockets fill the prep table.
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One more successful flight to add to the list!
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SO CLOSE!  Almost...
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Liz got to push the button on my proto Celtic Thunder model with a C6-5.  It landed a few feet from the baseball diamond.  Yep, a good day to fly!
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More painting creativity seen here!  This is one of several Thing-a-ma-Jig models they flew today.
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However, THIS one wound up in the trees...
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Two beautiful rockets, though the red one is a bit hard to see on that red cover...
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The prep table was busy all afternoon long!
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And everyone got involved!  It was a great family outing and I am glad that I visited. 
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