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A REAL model rocketeer can hold his model in his mouth as he adjusts the pad...
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Our booth on day 1 of NERRF
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Kathy and the newest addition (Snuggles) take a break after getting the booth set up
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This is what NERRF is like, all day, every day!
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An upscale Thing-a-ma-Jig being built ON the field for a launch later in the weekend.  I love it!
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Spray painting the fin unit.
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Meanwhile, we have more of THIS going on!
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Curtis and his son with the upscale Deuce's Wild!
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I can't, for the life of me, recall the name of this beast but I've seen in and its smaller siblings many times.
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Boost began wonderfully...
dsc00116.jpg (34165 bytes)
But it didn't end well...
dsc00117.jpg (37112 bytes)
Post-partum determined that a fin tore at the root causing the rocket to rip itself apart.  Bummer!
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I was working with my new camera and couldn't get the settings right.  These looked a lot better on the camera but were washed out in reality...  I'll get better... :)
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on a pair of C motors!
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Good burn, great boost!
dsc00125.jpg (32017 bytes)
Moment of staging!
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Booster aero breaks towards earth as the sustainer continues its journey!
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That Deuce rips up the sky!@
dsc00135.jpg (24459 bytes)
And away we go!
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Ok, this was fun.  A modified UFFO (for 24mm motors) sitting atop a custom pad with 12 compartments to hold different colored streamers (on attached to each cup of the saucer), launched on an E9
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I call it the Rainbow!
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Here's a close up during boost.  I will be repeating this at NARAM in July.
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Up, up, and AWAY!
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Unfortunately I don't have the names of the rockets or owners, but the pix sure are kewl!
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dsc00169.jpg (46942 bytes)
Decaffeinator on an E9
dsc00176.jpg (30303 bytes)
Great boost!
dsc00179.jpg (28707 bytes)
Perfect recovery
dsc00182.jpg (29713 bytes)
A smaller (model rocket) version turned in a picture perfect flight.
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Lots of scale models out here this weekend.
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Here's a view of the right side of the NERRF attendees.
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Here is the left side
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Here is the upscale Thing-a-ma-Jig at the RSO table.  After all of this I MISSED THE LAUNCH!  ARGH!
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Nantucket Sound liftoff!  You can see the Mean Machine that jammed on the pad moments earlier...
dsc00222.jpg (33975 bytes)
Fastest light out in the North East!
dsc00223.jpg (51427 bytes)
And near-field recovery.  It was a good day to fly!
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The Deuce's Wild shows her colors many times this weekend.
dsc00231.jpg (32519 bytes)
What a beautiful flier!
dsc00246.jpg (26568 bytes)
Even Nell had a chance to fly!
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Drew shows off his incredible marriage between two classic designs!
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A Mars Snooper with a Tres engine mount!  INCREDIBLE!
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And she flies as good as she looks!
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Some these rockets were earth shaking!
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While some were just too kewl for words :)
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Nice shot, both motors under full burn
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Another Decaffeinator launch.
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The Trifecta on the blue rack while a Rhino (red rack) gets ready to drag race a Big Bertha.  IT'S ON!
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The LCO table/tent for NERRF.  A lot of activity at this tent throughout the weekend!
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Trifexta (the 18mm proto) turns in a great flight!
dsc00313.jpg (82977 bytes)
/ Big Bertha drag race!  The race of the Century! (Hey, it's still a young century.  That could be true)
dsc00314.jpg (21186 bytes)
These two models were so closely matched it's hard to decide a winner!
dsc00315.jpg (47531 bytes)
Interesting view of my upscale (24mm) Tres.
dsc00316.jpg (59354 bytes)
All ready to go, we get ready to start the countdown!
dsc00318.jpg (47181 bytes)
All 3 motors burning, she rips off the pad!
dsc00339.jpg (58163 bytes)
The view I had from where I had to go to recover the Tres.  Man that's a LONG walk!
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