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The newest addition to the Flis clan is Snuggles :)  She joined us at NARAM this year!
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Carl (SEMROC) talks up his newest product line during the Manufacturers forum
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Red River Rocketry
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Jack Hagarty
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Bill Stein (Quest)
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Here, our new Trifecta (announced at NARAM) is ready for another flight!
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A beautiful Little Joe II ready to go!
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Along with the odd-roc or two... LOL
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Vern Estes gets an Estes demo ready to go (He and Gleda each built one to launch)
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Here goes Gleda's flight and there she is standing in the background!
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Third and final flight of the Nell at NARAM.  First attempt hung up on the launch leads.  2nd attempt hung up on the blast deflector and even this flight seemed to struggle to get into the air...
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Still struggling, but making headway
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Now we see the problem!  You can see the igniter leads hung up again, only this time it pulled the cord out of the box and into the air with the rocket!
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Here you can see the leads still attached to the base of the rocket.  She got about 70 feet and I called it a day on the Nell.  I had other things to fly!
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Vendor row looking left of our booth.
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Looking right
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There's our booth!
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The contest range was a ways off
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As were the contestants.
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Nantucket Sound takes to the air!
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This thing looks SO cool in the air!
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Bruce with a Long OverDue ready to go!
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The folks at the sport range.  Why, there's our own Bill Spadafora!
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Bruce's Long OverDue puts in a great flight!
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As does my Decaffeinator!
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Nice soft recovery too
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Love this shot as it shows all of the parts of the rocket during recovery.
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I didn't get to the contest range but saw this PD model drifting by.  kew;!
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And we have a Richter Recker going up!
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Love these RCRG's and the black smoke just looked so cool!
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Ok, so Bruce launches his Triskelion model.  It seems that it REALLY wanted to come home!  So much so that it landed smack in the middle of the FlisKits display table!  That's the parachute and nose cone hanging over the edge of the table.
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This shot gives you a better idea of where it landed...  Hard to see in the other pix as it just blends right in to the FlisKits display!  Best landing of the week!
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Here Carl points out where it hit the table :)
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Decaffeinator with glider accessory attached.  Great fligth
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Looked like a real jet flying over! LOL
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One of my fav kits, the Borealis, ready for flight
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And BOY does she like to fly!
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One of those rockets that just looks SO good in the air.
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Nother shot, looking up at those ring fins.
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Great recovery too!
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One of several Deuce's Wild kits to fly
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Another rocket that just looks TOO cool in the air!
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Carl and John preping the Tour 'de Deuce models for the Ohio leg of their journey!
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Missed the launch, but a nice recovery of a sport model.
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l-r John, Jim and Carl pose with the tour models
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The flight crew watches a launch
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A Tres getting ready for flight!
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Carl and John work with Bill to select pads for the tour launch
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Getting the tour models on the pads!
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Carl with one of them
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And John and his son with the other
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On the pads and ready to go!
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First though, a Mercury Redstone takes flight
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Followed by the Tres on a triplet of C6 motors.
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Such a pretty bird!
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Next up is one of our new dooDad kits!
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Then the prime event of the day.  Launch of Tour model #1!
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Great boost on two C motors!
dsc00680.jpg (32367 bytes)
With a perfect recovery too!
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Right near the flight line!
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Tour model #2 takes to the air on another perfect cluster ignition!
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Into the air she goes!
dsc00695.jpg (28313 bytes)
With perfect deployment!
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The models started about 15 feet apart on the two pads and landed 15 feet apart just outside the launch area.  Incredible!
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MANY THANKS to Carl and John for getting the Ohio leg of the Tour de Deuce completed!  WAY TO GO!
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