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Sample of the rockets I will be flying for the class today.
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The other two are already on the pad, the doo-Dad and the HERC-5.  Justin also brought several of his models to fly today!
p1010003.jpg (78700 bytes)
doo-Day away!
p1010004.jpg (93439 bytes)
Followed quickly by the HERC-5
p1010006.jpg (96136 bytes)
It can be hard to keep the attention of a large group of pre-schoolers, but model rocketry can DO IT!
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The Pheord X150 was a hit!
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Justin's Avalear put in a perfect flight but wound up in a tree.  The winds were very weird here today, blowing one way at ground level and the complete opposite direction above the tree tops.
p1010010.jpg (74276 bytes)
Justin's Thing-a-ma-Jig gave us another great flight!
p1010011.jpg (77991 bytes)
It ALMOST landed in a tree but managed to hit the ground on the other side of the fence.  I was able to recover it after the launch.
p1010012.jpg (79235 bytes)
Hard to see, but that's a Stingray on an A8-3
p1010014.jpg (75952 bytes)
The Bull's Eye on a B6-4 is a great small field rocket.
p1010016.jpg (85661 bytes)
Pushing the limits of the field, Justin is able to recover it just this side of the fence.
p1010017.jpg (75439 bytes)
We also had a great flight with Justin's Frick-n-Frack.  The kids just LOVED that one!
p1010018.jpg (73117 bytes)
The Nantucket Sound is always a crowed pleaser.
p1010019.jpg (54739 bytes)
The climax of the demo launch was the Decaffeinator.  This rocket never fails to please!
p1010020.jpg (106458 bytes)
A little late on the shutter, but this was a perfect catch right near the pads.  The kids loved that too!
A special thank you to Justin for putting this together and also for helping me out on the field!

Thank you, Justin!

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