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dsc00730.jpg (85807 bytes)
The older group of girls jump right in with the Thing-a-ma-Jig kit!
dsc00732.jpg (104451 bytes)
The helper (center, standing) was wonderful working with the kids
dsc00734.jpg (81116 bytes)
Sharing glue, the kids work together well as a group
dsc00736.jpg (97928 bytes)
Some had difficulty, but nothing they couldn't overcome!
dsc00737.jpg (84942 bytes)
kits in the midst of assembly
dsc00740.jpg (69222 bytes)
Satisfied that her engine mount is properly assembled, she shows it off!
dsc00750.jpg (82829 bytes)
Working hard to complete the Thing-a-ma-Jig
dsc00752.jpg (86473 bytes)
Without question, parachutes are always the hardest part of the assembly!
dsc00754.jpg (67926 bytes)
The Whatchamacallit uses a streamer, making the assembly that much easier.
dsc00759.jpg (80853 bytes)
Fin units assembled, we are nearing completion!
dsc00760.jpg (68296 bytes)
Everyone is busy assembling their streamer.
dsc00770.jpg (85922 bytes)
Here, the Thing-a-ma-Jiggers (as I came to call them :) ), learn how to fold their parachutes.
dsc00771.jpg (76534 bytes)
Attaching the recovery harness (Shock line and shock cord) to the nose cone
dsc00772.jpg (77947 bytes)
Parachutes packed away and fin units complete, the Thing-a-ma-Jiggers  near the completion of their models.
dsc00773.jpg (79196 bytes)
Sharing glue, they place glue lines on the model in preparation of attaching the fin unit.
dsc00774.jpg (93190 bytes)
DONE!  Ready to fly, the Thing-a-ma-Jiggers proudly display their models.
dsc00776.jpg (66399 bytes)
Whatchamacallit fin units ready for final assembly.
dsc00778.jpg (81108 bytes)
Working hard as we approach the end of the week, the kid perform the final steps on the assembly
dsc00779.jpg (74967 bytes)
Some are done, some are finishing up.  It was great to see the kids who finished a step early, helping their class mates.
dsc00780.jpg (91276 bytes)
First batch of Whatchamacallit kits done!
dsc00781.jpg (74550 bytes)
Next group of Whatchamacallit's are nearing completion as well!
dsc00782.jpg (79371 bytes)
Fins attached, launch lugs are the final step!
dsc00783.jpg (85127 bytes)
Success!  We've finished the building session with the girls.  Tomorrow we fly!
dsc00801.jpg (112824 bytes)
Boxes and boxes of rockets from the boys and girls group.  These are the Whatchamacallit kits
dsc00802.jpg (114924 bytes)
And here are the Thing-a-ma-Jig kits.  All ready for motors and ready to take to the air!
dsc00803.jpg (86944 bytes)
The first two girls are ready to fly!
dsc00806.jpg (86667 bytes)
Perfect launch and recovery and a near perfect catch!
dsc00807.jpg (85733 bytes)
Young and younger, all seemed to enjoy the day in the sun!
dsc00808.jpg (105378 bytes)
Especially the spectators!
dsc00810.jpg (109334 bytes)
Posing for the camera
dsc00812.jpg (99132 bytes)
Tiny fingers doing work they've never done before!
dsc00813.jpg (84175 bytes)
But they all learned and all did wonderfully well!
dsc00815.jpg (98725 bytes)
3, 2, 1 LIFTOFF!  Finger on the launch button.
dsc00818.jpg (96052 bytes)
Some of these kids weren't much bigger than the rocket itself! LOL
dsc00819.jpg (86696 bytes)
What they may have lacked in size they more than made up for in enthusiasm!
dsc00820.jpg (83433 bytes)
Now for the Whatchamacallit kits!
dsc00823.jpg (97346 bytes)
A proud mix of Thing-a-ma-Jig and Whatchamacallit
dsc00824.jpg (68332 bytes)
dsc00826.jpg (82004 bytes)
More Thing-a-ma-Jig's ready to go
dsc00827.jpg (51113 bytes)
Hard to see the rocket against the cloudy sky!
dsc00829.jpg (65525 bytes)
Easy enough on its return though!  Great catch!
dsc00830.jpg (72641 bytes)
Love the poses!
dsc00832.jpg (84434 bytes)
Not to mention the excitement these kids showed!
dsc00833.jpg (94280 bytes)
So fast I only got the smoke trail!
dsc00835.jpg (81489 bytes)
Hard to catch the streamer models as they come down much faster!
dsc00836.jpg (113614 bytes)
After launching, the kids relax to watch their other classmates fly.
dsc00838.jpg (116676 bytes)
It was like a party!  We ALL had fun!
dsc00840.jpg (81540 bytes)
Two more proud to show off their work
dsc00842.jpg (83601 bytes)
Man, it tired me out watching these youngun's run so fast for so long!
dsc00843.jpg (75954 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!
dsc00844.jpg (79744 bytes)
That dress on the right would make for a GREAT paint job on her model!
dsc00846.jpg (100984 bytes)
With so many cameras, the kids didn't know WHERE to look...
dsc00850.jpg (77435 bytes)
This is where the term "cute as a button" comes from :)
dsc00851.jpg (117346 bytes)
Slowly releasing the launch button, all look up to follow the model!
dsc00853.jpg (75683 bytes)
You can just see the streamer in the top of the picture.  The model is below it, but harder to see against the white sky.
dsc00854.jpg (100615 bytes)
See?  Her rocket (right) IS the same color as her dress!  Cool!
dsc00855.jpg (94483 bytes)
Great liftoff!
dsc00856.jpg (103520 bytes)
Hamming it up for the camera.  I love it!
dsc00858.jpg (99572 bytes)
Anxiously awaiting the time to push the button!
dsc00860.jpg (81735 bytes)
And quick to chase it down afterwards!
dsc00861.jpg (98384 bytes)
We're ready to fly!
dsc00864.jpg (101970 bytes)
Little rocketeers with little rockets.  Yep, that's cool!
dsc00865.jpg (55348 bytes)
BIG performance though!
dsc00866.jpg (105759 bytes)
I need to get shorter launch pads if I am going to do young groups like this! LOL
dsc00868.jpg (75837 bytes)
Nice shot of one on its return to earth.
dsc00870.jpg (89704 bytes)
Formal and casual, side by side!
dsc00871.jpg (103557 bytes)
Love them big smiles!
dsc00872.jpg (62495 bytes)
Them big liftoffs are pretty cool too!
dsc00873.jpg (112937 bytes)
Last launch of the morning, with her finger on the launch button!
dsc00954.jpg (66032 bytes)
Sure sign of a good day of flying, 100 spent igniters!
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