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Here we begin! With the aid of a couple of helpers, we introduced the kids to rocket building!
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With a wide range of ages, it was important to give the kids enough time to understand the task
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Then perform the task.  Here they are gluing up the fins, after exploring how they go together.
dsc00785.jpg (79857 bytes)
Here the older kids are working on the Thing-a-ma-Jig kit (note the completed fin units)
dsc00788.jpg (66984 bytes)
With the Whatchamacallit fins complete, we begin the final assembly.
dsc00791.jpg (72916 bytes)
Installing the recently attached streamer, we're near completion!
dsc00793.jpg (63641 bytes)
Stuffing the cords into the body seems to be the most difficult part
dsc00794.jpg (68882 bytes)
But success is at hand!
dsc00795.jpg (76463 bytes)
Fins attached, we are nearly finished with the Whatchamacallit kits!
dsc00797.jpg (77796 bytes)
Group 1 (of 3) is done!  And they proudly display their models.
dsc00798.jpg (73292 bytes)
Group 2 finishes up with the installation of the fin unit
dsc00799.jpg (70792 bytes)
All done and ready to fly! (I forgot to get a group shot of the older kids with their Thing-a-ma-Jig kits...)
dsc00801.jpg (112824 bytes)
Setting up at the field, I have boxes and BOXES of rockets!
dsc00802.jpg (114924 bytes)
Here are the Thing-a-ma-Jigs (Boys box is the gray one).  Yep, it's going to be a good day of flying!
dsc00874.jpg (111000 bytes)
As the boys arrive, I coach them in recovery device preparation (installing the recovery wadding and streamer, in the case of the Whatchamacallit)
dsc00879.jpg (121766 bytes)
Ready to fly, the kids pose for a picture!
dsc00881.jpg (92817 bytes)
First up, raring to go!
dsc00883.jpg (31215 bytes)
And GO they did!
dsc00884.jpg (88490 bytes)
Chasing the rockets down was half the fun!
dsc00885.jpg (97929 bytes)
These kids are READY!
dsc00886.jpg (103920 bytes)
Love the view of all the kids looking up at the model as it sails into the sky
dsc00887.jpg (86063 bytes)
Ready to rock-n-role!
dsc00889.jpg (55354 bytes)
This was one of the rare launch pix I got.  My timing was WAY off today...
dsc00891.jpg (97333 bytes)
More new rocketeers ready to go
dsc00896.jpg (85323 bytes)
They loved hamming it up for the camera
dsc00898.jpg (111276 bytes)
Rabbi Meyers and the helpers look on with the kids.
dsc00899.jpg (81269 bytes)
The lone rocketeer :)  We had an odd number with this first group.
dsc00900.jpg (105247 bytes)
These were some of the youngest kids I've worked with in rocket building!
dsc00901.jpg (62569 bytes)
But we had 100% success from start to finish!
dsc00902.jpg (56223 bytes)
dsc00904.jpg (94991 bytes)
The field and weather was perfect for our launch
dsc00905.jpg (61638 bytes)
Add to that good construction and prepping and we have a good launch!
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What better way to spend the day than outside flying rockets!
dsc00908.jpg (121874 bytes)
The chase is on!
dsc00909.jpg (90041 bytes)
Yep, these little guys are now rocket scientists!
dsc00910.jpg (42914 bytes)
UP, up and AWAY!
dsc00911.jpg (72606 bytes)
So close!
dsc00912.jpg (99364 bytes)
Note the different choices on fin direction.
dsc00913.jpg (61867 bytes)
Forward or rearward swept, the Whatchamacallit performs weel!
dsc00914.jpg (99113 bytes)
Finger on the launch button!
dsc00915.jpg (92035 bytes)
Proud of a job well done!
dsc00916.jpg (103725 bytes)
Yep, we had fun this day!
dsc00917.jpg (88537 bytes)
Here we have the Thing-a-ma-Jig kits going up!
dsc00918.jpg (65385 bytes)
As with the Whatchamacallit kits, every flight was perfect!
dsc00919.jpg (56797 bytes)
Good burn on an A8-3 motor.
dsc00920.jpg (89408 bytes)
The helpers were a big help in getting to this point!
dsc00921.jpg (52646 bytes)
Great flight!
dsc00922.jpg (95211 bytes)
Everyone enjoyed the front row seating!
dsc00923.jpg (89688 bytes)
Man, the shadows were giving me fits!
dsc00924.jpg (96348 bytes)
While some parachutes didn't fully open, most did, leading to fun chases across the field.
dsc00925.jpg (70796 bytes)
Good liftoff shot!
dsc00926.jpg (85033 bytes)
Loved watching the helpers try to bend over to pose with their kids!
dsc00929.jpg (81027 bytes)
They should have just gotten down on their knees!
dsc00930.jpg (86068 bytes)
Interesting shot from behind the launch officer
dsc00931.jpg (68880 bytes)
This is the first I've taken shots like this and I really like this view!
dsc00932.jpg (105692 bytes)
Snarled chute, but a good catch!
dsc00933.jpg (82334 bytes)
Excited to be flying!
dsc00934.jpg (34400 bytes)
Into the wild blue yonder!
dsc00937.jpg (92899 bytes)
Yep, we had a good day!
dsc00938.jpg (54150 bytes)
And it just kept getting better!
dsc00941.jpg (95912 bytes)
Posing in front of your rocket is not recommended... LOL
dsc00942.jpg (58468 bytes)
Some good liftoff shots
dsc00944.jpg (80877 bytes)
Everyone enjoyed the experience.
dsc00948.jpg (75782 bytes)
Even the helpers!
dsc00950.jpg (42200 bytes)
Off we go!
dsc00951.jpg (89298 bytes)
Last boy of the afternoon (and for the whole summer camp!)
dsc00952.jpg (50414 bytes)
And it was a good one too!
dsc00953.jpg (68297 bytes)
This is a sure sign of a good day of rocketry... 100 burnt igniters!
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