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Fitchburg High School

A few years ago I did a large scale rocketry program with the STEM program.  The program was a great success and I received a lot of great feedback from them.  The only downside of that program was that we were unable to launch our models.  One of the teachers involved in that STEM effort saw the classes and heard the feedback and realized she wanted to bring such a program to her group of kids through the Mt. Wachusett community college.

We worked out the details of a unique program that would fit their needs.  Basically, two groups (one younger and one older) with each class taking up 4 hours on a Saturday.  The two groups would then meet during Christmas recess to launch their models   As of this writing, that launch is two days away!

The way the class was set up included a lunch break in the middle.  We built the Rhino kit and I used our schedule to best advantage by getting the engine mounts assembled early.  We also did part 1 of the fin "Double Glue" method where we apply glue to the fin root and press it on to the model (on the fin line) then remove it, allowing the glue on the fin and the body to dry before continuing.  Rather than having to sit and wait for the glue to dry, we would then adjourn for lunch and come back ready to finish the assembly.  This schedule worked perfectly!

Also, the longer building session allowed for some lecture with respect to rocket safety, stability and even a large segment (scattered throughout the day) or show-n-tell.  All in all the classes went very well and I am looking forward to the launch.  Keep watch here for the launch pictures as soon as I can get them posted!

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