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dale_marshall_01.jpg (70292 bytes)
Dale Marshall shows off his MAKO after repair work was needed!
don_cusdon_01.jpg (119289 bytes)
Don Cusdon's Frick-n-Frack, decorated for his Granddaughter!
greg_rapp_01.jpg (37818 bytes)
Greg Rapp's UFFO (modified) during a "less than successful test" while testing out a booster idea.  Photo by Ray Lapanse.
gregg_discenza_01.jpg (40010 bytes)
Gregg Discenza's Deuce's Lavender (or Purple's Wild!) - Tough choices! :)
gregg_discenza_02.jpg (103127 bytes)
Gregg Discenza's Night Whisper on the pad and ready to go!
jeff_taylor_01.jpg (106058 bytes)
Jeff Taylor shows off his Homer Hickam signed Deuce's Wild in a most wonderful way!
jeff_taylor_02.jpg (109169 bytes)
Steampunked A.C.M.E. Spitfire by Jeff Taylor.  Wow.
marc_goldstein_01.jpg (42903 bytes)
Marc Goldstein's Mystic right after finishing!
marc_goldstein_02.jpg (54863 bytes)
Another shot of Marc's Mystic
marc_goldstein_03.jpg (58552 bytes)
Side view of Marc's Mystic 
marc_goldstein_04.jpg (62366 bytes)
And a beautiful launch photo!
marc_goldstein_05.jpg (92828 bytes)
Marc also sent this pic of a Praetor-II (Praetor with booster) with a VERY sharp modification on the booster (tail ring).
marc_goldstein_06.jpg (60769 bytes)
Liftoff of Marc's Praetor (single stage)
preston_hoover_001a.jpg (94719 bytes)
A collage of US TOG images from Preston Hoover!
andrew_cooke-01.jpg (275384 bytes)
Andrew Cooke's Richter Recker on its maiden flight on June 18th!
andrew_cooke-02.jpg (135482 bytes)
Andrew's Micro Honest John, hand painted down-scale of David Chance's Buttercup rocket!
david_bouer01.jpg (24276 bytes)
David Bauer's Borealis rips off the pad at the COSROCS launch in Peyton, CO
david_bouer01a.jpg (31843 bytes)
A close up of David's Borealis shows off the unique orange paint job on this exciting rocket!
william_gee01.jpg (46811 bytes)
An interesting Deuce's Wild (2 motor cluster) launch by Bill Gee.  Here you see the one motor lit...
william_gee02.jpg (46205 bytes)
A little further up, still just one motor, but you can see a glow in the second motor...
william_gee03.jpg (44959 bytes)
Finally, as the rocket clears the camera frame, you can see that second motor up to full thrust!  Very cool!
doug01.JPG (72677 bytes)
Doug Gardei sent in some late submissions showing off several of his FlisKits kits.  Here we see the Bull's Eye getting some good air!
doug02.JPG (95457 bytes)
Next up is Doug's Nantucket Sound.  I have had the chance to see this one fly many times, and love it :)
doug03.JPG (51537 bytes)
Doug's Tartar puts in a good flight!
doug04.jpg (113484 bytes)
A close up of the ignition of Doug's Tartar at a CMASS launch.
doug05.jpg (106309 bytes)
Doug's black & red Bull's Eye always puts in a good flight.
doug06.jpg (132801 bytes)
Doug's Mystic also puts on a great show!
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