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dsc01056.jpg (82517 bytes)
One of the first launches of the day!
dsc01057.jpg (71381 bytes)
Interesting scale (or scale-like) Air-to-Air missile
dsc01058.jpg (81950 bytes)
Even though the weather was wonderful, the turnout was rather light this launch
dsc01060.jpg (83077 bytes)
But folks who DID come made sure they were comfortable!
dsc01062.jpg (27350 bytes)
A flexie launched.  I missed the launch but heard the announcement and caught this image of the glider.
dsc01064.jpg (74789 bytes)
One of several Frick-n-Fracks to fly.  One of the favorite models at CMASS launches!
dsc01065.jpg (68193 bytes)
Tony flew his Delta-V (i believe) for a beautiful cluster flight!
dsc01066.jpg (23274 bytes)
Great recovery too
dsc01067.jpg (60323 bytes)
Nearly right back to the pad it left from! LOL
dsc01068.jpg (64803 bytes)
Kenn as LCO while a boost glider leaves the pad
dsc01071.jpg (65881 bytes)
Bob's beautiful mini Orbital Transport.  I have one in the same scale and love it!
dsc01072.jpg (73796 bytes)
Tony poses with his beautifully finished Mystic model
dsc01073.jpg (52632 bytes)
dsc01074.jpg (53777 bytes)
Beautiful boost!
dsc01083.jpg (27271 bytes)
And recovery was perfect as well.
dsc01085.jpg (52558 bytes)
Even with this high flier, Tony didn't have to go far to get it back.
dsc01086.jpg (84516 bytes)
A drag race (Big Daddy's, I think)
dsc01087.jpg (41107 bytes)
Interesting shot of the Decaffeinator on the pad.
dsc01089.jpg (46067 bytes)
Nice launch, but tough getting pix of white rockets against a white sky...
dsc01090.jpg (33417 bytes)
Chute snarled up as it got hung up on the launch lug.
dsc01091.jpg (37124 bytes)
Landed safe enough, but snapped a glue joint on a cup (easily fixed)
dsc01092.jpg (77443 bytes)
Bill working on his glider.  His gliders did quite well this outing :)
dsc01093.jpg (40741 bytes)
The Trifecta proto on her LAST flight...  While each motor lit properly, the stages did not separate so they all got good and toasted...  This was her 10th flight.
dsc01094.jpg (62833 bytes)
Big Daddy chuffs upon ignition...
dsc01095.jpg (35538 bytes)
Chuffing some more...
dsc01096.jpg (45545 bytes)
And some more...
dsc01097.jpg (44968 bytes)
Using up fuel and gettin' nowhere!
dsc01098.jpg (33029 bytes)
dsc01099.jpg (26701 bytes)
A good (though short) flight
dsc01105.jpg (59994 bytes)
Not sure who's this is, but sure looks kewl in the air!
dsc01109.jpg (20306 bytes)
Trifecta's ill fated final flight
dsc01119.jpg (64886 bytes)
A Long OverDue puts in a great flight
dsc01123.jpg (19933 bytes)
Sailing high into the sky!
dsc01124.jpg (30627 bytes)
Ok, THIS was the oddest landing I've ever seen...  That model (having separated from its nose cone and recovery device) landed RIGHT on a power wire and just balanced there... (though it does look like a fin may have stuck in between some cables there)
dsc01127.jpg (20478 bytes)
A gold and white Rhino under full power
dsc01128.jpg (102843 bytes)
The range head tent was busy most all the day.
dsc01130.jpg (65645 bytes)
Another Frick-n-Frack under power!
dsc01135.jpg (20956 bytes)
Arrow straight boost
dsc01139.jpg (20431 bytes)
And good, clean stage separation!
dsc01140.jpg (68053 bytes)
Really Rad Richter Recker Ready!
dsc01141.jpg (93968 bytes)
Tony preps his Morning Star for flight
dsc01142.jpg (89505 bytes)
Richter Recker getting set up.
dsc01143.jpg (69426 bytes)
The Morning Star gets her start!
dsc01145.jpg (69740 bytes)
A better shot of the gold/white Rhino
dsc01146.jpg (25606 bytes)
Perfect recovery for the Rhino!
dsc01148.jpg (60322 bytes)
Got all 3 motors going on the Richter Recker!
dsc01157.jpg (82702 bytes)
Cam (one of my Boys & Girls Club kids) with his Flea on the pad.  I love it when my kids get into the hobby enough to attend club launches!
dsc01158.jpg (21165 bytes)
Hard to capture, but I got her under boost!
dsc01161.jpg (80577 bytes)
My Nantucket Sound ready for launch
dsc01162.jpg (62416 bytes)
And away she goes!
dsc01163.jpg (84625 bytes)
A unique paint job on a Frick-n-Frack (two tone, who'da'thunk it?)
dsc01164.jpg (85920 bytes)
Here's the top side
dsc01165.jpg (81031 bytes)
Jim prepares his Bucky Jones for flight
dsc01168.jpg (66617 bytes)
I simply LOVE this rocket!
dsc01171.jpg (27371 bytes)
Perfect flight and recovery
dsc01172.jpg (85621 bytes)
Cam with his A.C.M.E. Spitfire
dsc01173.jpg (59044 bytes)
A Stingray takes to the air!
dsc01174.jpg (29515 bytes)
Cam's A.C.M.E. Spitfire turns in a great flight but the chute snarled up a bit.  Very little damage and she'll fly again!
dsc01175.jpg (68510 bytes)
Cam chases his D-Nelson Tomahawk as it lands near the edge of the tall grass
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